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Samurai's 5/3/1 Log


Strength. That is the base I will build my body on. Hoping some fellow T-Nation readers will follow this journey.

I have lifted off and on for several years, but I still consider myself new to the game. This is the first time that I am following a program with a real understanding of what it will do for me. 5/3/1 is primarily a strength program, but given that I'm new to this type of lifting, I expect that I will also gain some size and definition from it and hopefully drop some more body fat as long as I keep my diet clean.

I am planning to compete in my second Tough Mudder in October.


Age: 30
Weight: 185.2
Body Fat: 19.4%


Neck: 17
Shoulders: 47.75
Navel: 36.5
Upper Chest: 43
Lower Chest: 41.5
Waist (Largest Part): 37.25
Hips (Largest Part): 37
Left Arm: 12.75
Right Arm: 13
Upper Left Leg: 23.5
Upper Right Leg: 22.75
Lower Left Leg: 14.75
Lower Right Leg: 14.75
Left Ankle: 9.25
Right Ankle: 9

Current Maxes

Squat: 255
Bench Press: 180
Never measured my deadlift or overhead press.

Today's Workout




3x10 w/115 lbs.

Its not related to today's 5/3/1 workout, but I threw in 10 pull-ups as well just to do some extra activity today.

I did the main workout on my lunch break, so I ran out of time before I could get anymore work in. Needless to say, my legs felt like Jello afterwards. Today was an experiment, so the plan is to throw at least two assistance exercises in to each workout instead of just one.

Advice for Two Month Mass Phase

Did 45 min. of “fasted” cardio with MAG-10 this morning. Set the treadmill incline to 4 and kept the pace at just under panting. Also did two sets of 10 ax chops. One in the middle of the cardio and one right after.

The soreness from yesterday’s squat workout is starting to set in.


Last Thursday’s (3/10/11) Workout

Bench Press


Incline Bench Press

3x10 w/95 lbs.

Cable Rows

3x10 w/

One set of 10 pull-ups

I’m liking this program so far! It took about five days before all the soreness from the squat workout went away. I missed the deadlift workout.


Today’s Workout

Overhead Press

Started by measuring my max since I didn’t know this yet (100 lbs.)



3x10 w/80 lbs.


3x10 w/35 lb. weight plate added