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Samul's Training and Nutrition Log

Life update:

Haven’t visited the forum much lately. Gyms have been open for about a month now–however, I pretty much completely lost my drive to train. I’m still going to the gym 3-4 times per week, but my motivation is gone and I’m pretty much just going through the motion. My pain tolerance has dropped a lot: I can’t bring myself to dive into those high rep sets of lateral raises and all the good painful stuff. Haven’t trained legs in months too, outside of whatever stimulus they can get from some rack pulls I’ve been doing.

I’m hoping I’ll eventually go back to how I was before, but it’s not looking too bright for now. I’ve become mostly complacent with how I look, but at least I’m likely doing enough to maintain.

My diet needs some work too, as of now.

Luckily, on the upside I’m totally crushing the school side of things. This semester in uni is going great. I took 3 exams last week, and I got 30 cum laude at all of them. That’s roughly an “A+ with honors” on the letter based grading system. I currently have an average of 30.3 (30 = A+) and on Wednesday I’ll take the last exam of the year. I am currently the only student in my course (~200 people) that managed to take all 4 exams of the semester at once. For anyone curious, the 3 subjects were databases, software engineering, and operating systems. The upcoming exam is numerical calculus (which will be the sore spot of the semester but oh well).

If anyone remembers that my university also hired me as a web developer; they recently told me they’re looking to renew my contract for the next semester to I can keep working on the platform I made for them.

Overall I can’t complain.




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Haven’t had much activity on here in a while, so I thought I could just write a short life update.

A few things happened over the course of this summer—the first “major event” would be that my 2+ years relationship ended. This hurt a lot at first, but I quickly realized that it’s most definitely for the better.

Meanwhile, I started thinking a little bit about my future and I realized a few things. First and foremost, I thought about what I should do after I get my undergrad this year. I realized that I haven’t ever thought about traveling (in fact, I’ve never been abroad), and maybe it’s time to start. My initial plan (the one I went into university with two years ago) was to get my 3-year degree in CS and then start working for some company, possibly also working as a freelancer at the same time.

What I realized over the course of the past two years is that, by factual and objective measures, I am an excellent student and I have potential to pursue higher education and aim higher, and I’m starting to feel like I want to do that. Something that’s been on my mind for a while would be to try and get a master’s degree abroad. As somebody who never traveled, the thought of traveling to another country for a year while studying gets me scared, excited, frantic, and a lot more adjectives.

Maybe it would be best if I had a chance to travel a little bit in a less “committed” context, as in just taking a vacation somewhere, even just to get used to airplanes and stuff. I’ve been wanting to go to the US for a loooong time, and that’s definitely on the list.

Speaking of uni, some of you know that last semester they (my university) signed me up as a web developer to make a web platform that they’d use for online exams. The great news is that they told me I’ll get another contract this next semester to work on a new, different app! This makes me so proud, honored, and excited (at the idea I’ll be making an application hundreds of students and teachers will use).

Switching topics completely, I just came back home from taking a weekend off and going to visit Milan with my friends. I’d never been there, and since I live in a pretty small city, it was an amazing experience.

I got to try out Starbucks

and a lot of yummy food

Then we went to this place called the Crazy Cat Café and, oh boy

I got to try the carrot cake and red velvet, neither of which are commonly found in Italy and both of which I’d only ever really heard about. Specifically, a cat jumped on my table and stole a piece of carrot cake, which ended up being a win because I got another free slice lol.

Lastly, since last time I checked this was still a lifting forum… Well, here are a couple physique update pictures.

I’m likely not in my best shape ever, but I’m still regularly training and trying to get my numbers back on the squat and deadlift.

I’m currently hanging around 270x5 on the squat and 385x3 on the trap bar deadlift. I’m chasing a stable 220 on the bench but I keep hurting my damn wrists so that’s still gonna take a while.

Overall, I’m very excited for the upcoming fall and winter and looking forward to keep studying and doing what I love, and hopefully have a few nice surprises along the way as far as school and maybe moving my very first steps abroad!


Haven’t posted about lifting in a while, so here’s a set of trap bar deadlifts from tonight’s workout: 407 lb x 10 reps

Just to show you guys that I am still in fact hitting the gym :stuck_out_tongue: