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Samul's Training and Nutrition Log

I’ve been blessed with invulnerable stomach and guts, but this is good to know

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I just stumbled across a website that sells weight plates and gym equipment at a very low price compared to the stuff you can find on any other website at the moment. They have good reviews and you can pay upon delivery.

Buying a barbell and 200 lb of plates would cost me just over € 200 ($ 235). I’m very much considering giving it a shot.


I’d seize the opportunity if you have the cash for it - the situation right now is very unpredictable, and you never know what’s around the corner. You can always sell it on at a profit later if you don’t need it.

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That is a great deal compared to here. I just found a deal here which was 255lbs of weight and a shitty weight tree for $350. Most people are selling closer to $2 per pound where I’m at.

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I hope you get well soon brother

I want to start over with you all, I love you guys

I realise we all have alot in common in this section, I want to turn you into my friend, all of you, if that is possible


for sure man. I am not sure I know you, so rest assured I have nothing against you. We love you too

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So I think weights will have to take the backseat for now. I have to order a € 220 vaccine for acarus because I have had allergy issues that prevented me from breathing too well for a while now, and it turned out to be due to that. I was expecting it to cost less but it is what it is. This is annoying enough to warrant getting fixed.

If by Christmas gyms won’t be open yet, I’ll buy them as I’ll have more money to go by.

Meanwhile, I’ve been training mostly chins and dips, plus shoulders and arms with bands and a kb. I’m doing what I can.

I’ve been dieting for three weeks now, ever since gyms closed, and I’m down about 6 lbs.

Thankfully, I’m not back to looking like I’ve never stepped into a gym yet haha


Were you ever investigated for celiac disease?

I think so. Maybe not celiac disease per se, but if I recall correctly I didn’t appear to be intolerant to gluten.

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Hope you learn the cause soon. I would be very miffed with a doctor telling me it’s gas when I’m in agony. Maybe they are correct but then what is the nature of the gas…

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Same. A guy at the ER even tried to guilt trip me for not having gone to my doctor and rather straight to the ER and I was like, “dude I can’t stand straight for how much pain I am in, what do you think my doctor was gonna do other than scheduling an appointment with a specialist for another day.”

I have suffered from irritable bowel for as long as I can remember, even thought diarrhea and the other common symptoms (even the gut pain you normally experience) were nothing like the pain I’ve experienced this time. Gas may be due to the high amounts of diet soda I had been drinking every day, which I cut abruptly ever since the last episode. I have also been told to take priobiotics.

Anyway, this vaccine is for something else. It’s a totally unrelated issue, or at least appears to be so, that I’ve had for about five years now. Basically my nose is constantly stuffed. I have difficulties breathing through it, and sometimes I can’t smell things to well. It’s kinda like constantly having a cold, if you can imagine that.

I had been given a cortison based spray last summer and that partly alleviated the issue for a whole.

Either way, last year I went to a doctor for my gut issues and I got allergies and intolerances tested. I came out to be intolerant to milk protein, and allergic to acarus. We figured the latter might be the cause for my nose issues, so we decided to get me vaccined.

So yeah, two separate issues but I kinda got onto fixing one while investigating the other.

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Today I had something close to a decent workout for the very first time in almost a month. Not that I didn’t work out the other times, but this time I trained with a guy that managed to get his hands on a pair of 12kg/26lb dumbbells which was like dreaming after weeks on end of bands only and a fake barbell.

Here’s what we did:

Pullups + 12kg (really hadn’t done any weighted pullups in a long time)
8 sets of 3

Pullups with band
3 sets to failure (10-15 reps)

Hammer curls
4 sets to failure
1 set to failure + forced reps (did them one arm at a time helping with the other arm) + dropset to 8 kg dumbbell to failure + forced reps + a few reps with a light band to finish them off

Lateral raises
3 sets to failure with 12 kg, the last one having an added rest pause

I feel like I did some damage, even with very limited equipment. I will start training with this guy more often, together with a couple other friends of mine. Gyms are still closed, but parks are open, so we just go to one that has some pullup and dip bars. In addition to today’s workout, yesterday we did a dip based session. I tried dips with a band for the first time and they were brutal. I’m definitely a fan now.

I’ve always trained alone and had little interaction at the gym with other people. I hate training at home; so having to actually drive to a place, meet other people, maybe even socializing a bit in the process, makes me motivated to do something that otherwise right now I’d be struggling BIG TIME getting to do. So I’m really thankful to the people I’ve been training with, because they unknowingly are making this so much easier and better for me.

I also just remembered I have a 10kg/22lb weighted vest in my garage that I think it’s time to take out again. I think that with the equipment we are putting all together (bands, vests, dumbbells, pullup and dip bars) we can still make something pretty awesome happen even absent of gyms. And when they do open again, it’s time to crush the real weights again.


Hi samsul

I’m sorry to hear about your gut issues, you put in so much effort, I hope you can solve what’s going on. Have you tried the stomach acid test, it sounds like you might benefit from HCL and pepsin. Also black seed oil pills could make you feel better, I think It’s something to look into. For me HCL and pepsin was life changing. It can be kinda expensive depending on the dose and source but it’s worth every penny

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Nope, haven’t. I’ll look into that, thank you for the suggestion

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