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Samul's Training and Nutrition Log

So I finally gave these wraps a try. I watched the video they have on elitefts about using them correctly; I wrapped them very tightly as per the instructions (had to take them off as soon as my set was over as they were borderline hurting me) and up so they would keep my hands from bending backwards.

My wrists did indeed feel more stable, but the presses weren’t completely pain free. However, since the backward bend was now out of the equation, I could actually tell what kind of tension was causing the pain.

What’s bothering my wrists isn’t the backward bend, as much as it is the pressure applied in such a way that makes my wrists bend “sideways.” To get exactly what I’m talking about, imagine holding dumbbells in the bottom position of a bench press, and have the bells slightly tilt inwards. I had that on some reps and it hurt like hell. This isn’t as pronounced with barbell bench presses, in fact it’s almost absent. I did feel it at the beginning of the last few sets where I was pretty fatigued: as I unracked the bar, I felt like I was pushing unevenly throughout my wrist, which causes the same kind of inward sideway tilting under the weight of the barbell.

So the good news is the wraps do kinda help. The bad news is I don’t know how to prevent what I just described, as it seems to just end up happening when the weight gets heavy for me and I’m fatigued.

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Do you use a thumbless grip?


I would give it a try. I find it puts the bar in a good position in my hand to avoid that.

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Will do. I never used it because I thought it could potentially be unsafe, but the power rack I’m currently using has safeties, so it shouldn’t be a concern now.

I don’t think it will help much my issue with dumbbells though. I tried the thumbless grip on dumbbells a few times and it felt incredibly weird.

Oh yeah, for dumbbells I don’t see it doing much. Fat gripz might help.

Gyms closed again…

I bought three different bands from decathlon at different resistances, and I’m trying to see if the owner of my gym can lend me a pair of dumbbells or two… I guess it’s time to lean down a bit like I did during the lockdown.