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Samul's Training and Nutrition Log


My stomach will get twitchy once in a while, but it’s usually just when I eat something “off menu”. My diet is pretty limited, and I imagine that’s conditioned me to only eat certain things, but otherwise I don’t really have any specific issues.


I have a hard time with stomach issues, mostly when my calories are high and I am nearing the end of a bulk… Bloat, digestive problems, but the worst one is acid reflux, that shits nasty. My doctor give me tablets to try, one in the morning just and it has definitely helped.


Dude, cut out dairy and see what happens. If you don’t want to do that, drink Lactaid. Most of the world is lactose intolerant. If that doesn’t work, cut out bread and see what happens. What do you usually eat for breakfast?


Acidic foods and drinks set me off. Do you drink coffee? I know Paul is a big fan of coffee.


Yeah, but I’m not consuming a whole lot of diary at the moment. I’m only having one/two cheese slices and whey as my sources of diary.

However, up to four months ago I was drinking lots of milk daily. I’ve stopped only because my coach didn’t put it in my meal plan. Not a big deal.

Like I said earlier, my breakfast is the same everyday. Scrambled eggs, cheese slices, tomatoes or spinach, mushrooms, and cream of rice.

Yeah I usually drink lots of coffee. Now I haven’t for a week actually, since I had issues last Sunday.


Eggs don’t agree with my stomach. Is it a possibility they’re affecting you?


I wouldn’t rule anything out. That being said, I have two menus that I rotate between and both today and the last time I had issues it was with the same menu. Now weirdly enough, breakfast is pretty similar across the two plans.

Here’s plan one (the one that did NOT give me troubles)
3 eggs + 40 g egg white
2 slices bacon
1 slice cheese
60 g cream of rice
Mushrooms, tomatoes or spinach

Plan two, the one I ate both times I had problems
4 eggs + 140 g egg white
2 slices cheese
90 g cream of rice
Mushrooms, tomatoes or spinach

Now it’s only happened twice so I wouldn’t necessarily blame it on the breakfast, but one difference I notice is that the second one has significantly more food volume and I feel much fuller after eating it. So maybe it has to do with eating so much food at once just after waking up?

Although even just writing this makes me smile because I had times where I ate even 3k calories in one sitting and didn’t have a single cramp afterwards. But maybe I’m not used to anymore.


a lot. I had a stomach ulcer early this year. That sucked. I also used to love spicy food, and still do, but I don’t tolerate it at all anymore. Even a little spicy gives me issues these days.

Generally, when I eat cleaner, and avoid spicy foods, I have less issues. I know that fermented foods, like kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, etc are supposed to help gut health, but I’ve tried them and never really felt like I benefited from them.

just keep in mind that our bodies change over time, and that just because you’ve eaten something for years doesn’t mean you will tolerate it will forever.

that may be the case.


I agree with you, I’m just taking into consideration the fact that I had these issues long before starting to consume this many eggs, and to me they appear to be independent of each other.

One thing I noticed is that 90 g of cream of rice tend to sit pretty heavy in my stomach and really make me fuller than other foods do, but it’s hard for me to believe that RICE is causing gut issues…


Arms and legs

Bb 21’s 25 kg x 2 rounds
Incline curl 10 kg x 10,3,3 rest pause
Rope pushdown 27 kg x 27, 20, 17
Db skulls 10 kg x 9, 7
Leg curl 32 kg x 3 sets + partials
Squat 92 kg x 6

I’m not sure what to say about this session.

Today started pretty bad. I had stomach cramps as soon as I got at school and had to handle those gut issues without buscopan. After the pain subsided (it lasted a good two hours and was excruciating) I started to almost fall asleep on the table during class.

It’s not the first time it happens, I feel a strong urge to rest my head on the table and just close my eyes. I managed to get through the morning and slept an hour after lunch.

I spent the afternoon out with friends and when I got home and had my pre workout meal I started feeling the need to sleep. I got to the gym almost close-eyed, and only putting my face under cold water managed to half-wake me up.

I crushed arms and had a terrific workout but come legs’ turn and I know it wasn’t going to happen. I convinced myself to do the leg curls, and when I got to the squat weights felt heavier from the warm up. I didn’t feel the drive and the mental fortitude to push like I normally do. Each set on the squat is usually a self talk to not give up. Each rep I tell myself, “you can do it, you will get to 12,” but this time I couldn’t do that.

Ended up doing a set only, with the same weight as last week but half the reps as it felt way heavier. I’m really pissed off at myself for this.
At least legs aren’t a priority for me and I had a terrific arms workout before that.


It’s just about midnight here but I’ll write a little something

Regarding gluconeogenesis: if you are eating enough carbs for your needs, your body has no reason to turn protein into glucose. 300g of carbs a day is plenty for an individual of your size. (At least in most cases)

De novo lipogenesis:
It’s been a whole lot of time since I read about this so there may be some new data, but to my knowledge, your fat intake has to be under 15% or so of your total calories for this to be a concern of yours. I’m actually pretty sure I mentioned that carb overfeed vs fat overfeed study on my log at some point. The amount of fat the carb overfeed group gained was ridiculously low.

Regarding high protein diets in general:

In my personal experience, they just work. I’ve gone over 500 grams of protein per day (which I admit was a tad too high) but even when we compare, say 350g to 200g the rate of recovery and feeling of overall well being is on a whole different level with higher protein. I’ve seen it happen with people countless times; they don’t progress, and when they add 100g if protein to their diet their progress skyrockets.

Poliquin said in an article/q&a of his (don’t have it at disposal right now) that for a 200 pound male, 300g of protein is the bare minimum. He also stated that people should shoot for 2g/pound of bodyweight with protein. (Remember that he also wanted you to be very lean so a 300 pound sack of lard wouldn’t need 600g if protein)

CT/his diet guy recommend protein intakes of 40-50% for certain individuals (mainly neurotype 1)

And lastly, Dante Trudel also suggests that you should eat humongous amounts of protein. (Talking about amounts closer to 2g/pound of be again)

So high protein diets do have a lot of backing in terms of successful coaches, and as long as your diet isn’t really imbalanced you shouldn’t need to worry too much about turning protein into carbs and carbs into fat. That being said, too much of a surplus (which is a kind of imbalance really) will make you gain fat. There’s no way around it.


Really appreciate your post. I see that you mentioned having low protein days in your log, with the goal being to resensitize your body to it.

What’s your take on having low calorie and low carbs days as well from time to time, or even a low carb week every once in a while? Not a mini cut, but done as a means of breaking homeostasis and adaptations to bulking diets. I’m asking this because I don’t want to have to do bulking and cutting seasons forever when I go back to programming my training and nutrition in my own.

Like I mentioned I want to keep it simple by doing 5/3/1 and don’t wanna complicate the diet part either. I want to be able to make progress with strength and size without having to cut every two months because I got fat, so I’ll probably have to implement some of those tricks like low carb weeks to avoid stagnation. Most likely I’ll only do a mini cut come May/June because I don’t want to go into summer with a high level of bf.

Sure thing. By the way, I was gaining around 2.5 lbs a week and then I didn’t gain weight for a week. Paul increased my calories and now I have gained one lb in a week. He said we are perfectly dialed in and weight gain is going at the best rate possible and the one he’d predicted.

Yet I look in the mirror and I think I have gained lots of fat. I still have abs but they are way less cut. I have yet to understand if I just have terrible genetics in terms of ease of gaining fat, or if I somehow have unrealistic expectations.

I am not unhappy because I have put on some muscle also, but I never seem to grasp whether things are going like they should and I’m just expecting too much or what. Maybe my body has gained some fat but now it’ll settle at that level and I won’t get noticeably fatter for a while?


It’s a good idea in my opinion, lately (for the past 3 or so months) I’ve been implementing them myself and I really like them. Haven’t tried low carb weeks though, it feels like it may be a bit too long for a small break and it’s definitely too short for a mini-cut so I’m not too keen on the idea - you could just end up having subpar performance for the week if you can’t handle it.

There’s never really a reason to be fat if physique or athletic performance is your main concern. (Powerlifting is not exactly athletic)

That’s a very good rate of progress. You were gaining not only muscle and fat but also water and muscle glycogen in the beginning, that’s why your weight increased quicker.

Remember that even though you don’t want to become fat, gaining a bit if fat is, in fact, a sign that muscle building is maximized/near it’s limit. (Unless it’s from poor dietary choices or health issues, that is) That’s because when you gain fat, you one that the body has excess calories: it has fulfilled it’s need in terms of surviving and repairing the damage you’ve done to it (talking about muscle damage here) to the extent it can within a day/given time period.

That’s just something that will improve with time. Take pictures, compare them and be honest with yourself. If you’re not seeing progress, change something.

Not trying to scare you, but there is a certain area of bf% in which you’ll look pretty much the same but your bf% can be, say anything from 13-17% (don’t remember the exact numbers, I’m pretty sure there’s an article on that on T-Nation) when you go over or under the limits of that area you seemingly change in matter of days or weeks.


Yeah I remember reading about that. It was an article by CT. What I also mean though, is that I believe that as one’s weight increases and bf% nears the individual’s genetic set point, the body will naturally resist further fat gain more than it had before.

And since I have gained some fat as expected, maybe my body is not as primed for fat gain as it was a month ago.

How often and how many consecutive days, if you don’t mind me asking?


Yes, that’s true. It is a whole lot easier to go over your bf setpoint range than it is to go under it, though

I’ve been using just one day per week. Somebody with a tendency to gain fat could do two days in a row, just make sure you’re not working a weak muscle group right before that or on those days to ensure best possible recovery. (Working a weak muscle group the day after a control day, however, would be a great idea)


Got it. How low do you go on these days? If I were to eat 3.2k calories with 300 g of carbs on a normal day, how would one of these days look like?

Also, I’m assuming going low protein and low carbs on the same day wouldn’t be a bright idea?


Do you mean protein overfeed?

@danteism, I mean this with respect, so please understand that I mean well (and do not mean for this to come across derisively), but I must counter with that

  1. Maybe their protein intake was too low to begin with (<1g/lbs of bw)
  2. Maybe their total caloric intake was too low to begin with (<14-17 calories/lbs of bw)

and so 1 would obviously only be solved with increasing their protein intake while for 2 you’d see the same regardless of where they got those calories and that maybe carbs would have been even better.

Recently I have been thinking that Poliquin’s writings might not have been geared (no pun intended) towards natural lifters. Thoughts?

Type 1s are a bit of a uniqum, but maybe you both are Type 1s? I know you are @danteism.

I would say CT recommends 1g-1.2g per lbs of bw of protein depending on if you are dieting or not (https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/tip-protein-intake-for-natural-and-not-so-natural-lifters) for a natural lean lifter and that him and his diet guy (Stéphane Aubé) cap out at 1.5g per lbs of bw for lifters who aren’t lean.

And just to add it to the conversation, @samul, Paul Carter once wrote that 1g per lbs is adequate: https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/tip-how-much-protein-should-i-eat

A gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day will cover just about everyone, regardless of age or experience, unless you’re kids-point-at-you-at-the-store fat.

Might have some impact on metabolic flexibility though.


You can read about Control Days here: https://www.t-nation.com/training/beef-up-your-body-composition I don’t think they are ever recommended to run back-to-back (i.e., don’t do these consecutively). I’d urge you to experiment on your own to find a protocol that works for you. Maybe start with slashing carbs in half on rest days and see how you fare. If that goes well, you can cut more.

Or, you can prod Paul to finish writing the book on Primer 5/2. :blush:


I remember reading that, but Paul had also worked with me for two months already when he designed that plan, and during my cut the protein intake was just as high with great results. Maybe he just realized I respond well to that amount.

A question to you: why would he have used such an approach if he didn’t think it would be effective?

Btw @danteism when I say I have gained a fair amount of fat, this is what I currently look like

Maybe I just have an issue with not being able to be happy with my body composition unless I see super chiseled abs and striations. Who knows, maybe the social media is indeed messing with me and I have unrealistic expectations lol


I’d postulate that it might be a question of “if it’s not broken then don’t fix it”, or maybe there was some other tweak he was more keen on trying. I’m not sure how hands-on his coaching is, but if I were a coach I wouldn’t be changing more than a single variable at a time and then you need like two weeks to tell how that worked. If a high protein intake doesn’t seem to be a barrier to success, I wouldn’t change it if there is something else that can be changed instead to improve the design.

Anyway, if you are open to experimentation after your coaching ends then I for one would try going with 1g per lbs of bw with regards to protein and see how your digestion responds. You can still build muscle on that. CT, when he went through his health issues, you can see him mention going even lower in protein intake over on the Biotest forums and he still made progress then.

You look great.