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Samul's Training and Nutrition Log


loved reading those emails. Carter thinks like I do. That was good to see.


Shopping time


First day of 5/3/1 went by.

Week 1 Day 1
28.9 kg x 5
33.3 kg x 5
37.8 kg x 13
28.9 kg x 5 x 5
Dips x 8, 12, 13, 9, 10
Chin ups x 11, 10, 8, switch to neutral grip x 7
Face pulls 3x20

Loved this workout. It was amazing to come back to the gym after my deload week. Also, the session was done in about 40 minutes.

I filmed my pr set because I want you guys to tell me if the weight looks right for me. Is 13 reps a good starting point for my very first cycle? The weight felt manageable.

A note on the video, the guy who took it decided it would be a good idea to film another fuck face who was trying to be funny and get noticed mid set, so a couple of reps are missing. Can’t really do anything to fix that apart from picking better persons to help me at the gym.

Here it is

@flipcollar @flappinit @T3hPwnisher @mr.v3lv3t @Waittz

Hope I’m in the right direction


Looks like a press. You’re moving pretty slow/deliberate there. If you speed up, you’ll for sure have more reps in you.


Actually I’m not exploding as fast as I can because I am afraid form might break down if I just concentrate on pushing too fast. I’m trying, you know, to keep the weight under control.

Is it maybe just a matter of not being very familiar with the movement yet?


It’s not speed on the concentric I observe, but more the eccentric to concentric reversal. Just a lot of dead time. Although now that you bring it up, the concentric is a little slow as well.

You’ll find your groove I imagine.


when I was doing PR sets before switching to 5 Pro I would stop at 10/8/5 reps personally even if I had something in the tank. But then again I’m of the mindset that anything after 10 reps is cardio for what its worth.

Your press looks fine, but like Pwnisher says, its slow. This aint bodybuilding, its fighting gravity. Press that shit.

Only thing I’ll add, and im sure others may have a difference opinion, is to balance every upper body press with some form of pull. With the main lifts, including the 3 warm up sets, I’ll do band pulls or band face pulls by 15-25 after each set(including squats and DL). Then during assistance, I super set or alternate set the antagonistic movement. So on FSLS it would be set 1 of press/bench supers setted with db row or pull up. Same for assistance work. As far as weight reps, doesnt really matter, I like 5x10 rows to balance bench FSLS and pullup/weighted pull ups for 5x5 on Press day.


76 kg x 5
87.75 kg x 5
99.45 kg x 14
76 kg x 5 x 5
Rdl 52 kg x 13, 57 kg x 12, 13
Hanging leg raises

Man, that pr set definitely took some life from me. I was breathing very hard for minutes after, and when I headed into my FSL sets I would get severe lightheadedness between sets, to the point where I thought I was about to pass out.

I guess my conditioning isn’t up to par yet. Oh and I discovered that I suck at hanging leg raises. Lol


Feeling much like shit today. Apart from having all the symptoms of a flu minus the fever (I’ve doubled vitamin D intake just in case. I REALLY don’t want to catch a fever right now), I’m sore as flying hell in my pecs and abs. Like, every fucking movement hurts.

Luckily today’s a rest day.


50.7 kg x 5
58.5 kg x 5
66.3 kg x 13
50.7 kg x 5 x 5
Incline dumbbell press
Dumbbell row
4 rounds alternating @ 24 kg x 12-15 reps


It’s amazing how sore my whole core, especially obliques, are from the one arm db rows. I am sore in muscles I didn’t even know about.

It’s squat time in an hour and I’m still sore in the hams from deadlifting on Tuesday. It’s amazing what not hitting the gym for a week does to my body when I get back to it.

Anyway… Getting pumped up for that squat workout :muscle:t3:


71.5 kg x 5
82.5 kg x 5
93.5 kg x 7
71.5 kg x 5 x 5
Leg press
Rope crunch
3 rounds


I’ve been contemplating whether I should include some form of farmer’s carries into my program.

Do you guys think I could benefit from it in some way shape or form? If so, how would you program it. I haven’t finished Wendler’s book yet but I haven’t yet seen a reference to farmer’s carries.


Jim puts carries under the “single leg/core” category iirc.

Any reason in particular you’d want to include them?


I think it’s a very badass exercise when done heavy, and one of those basic and challenging exercises overall on the body.

I think it might help me with my goals of getting stronger overall. Also I believe it’s a great way to work your grip, which I feel I’m totally lacking in. What do you think?


I think it’ll definitely challenge your grip and make you stronger at farmers carries. I’d have to imagine it’d make you stronger in general as well, but I haven’t done them enough to make an anecdotal claim towards it.


Are you looking to use it as a muscle builder? Conditioning Tool? Strength Builder? or just have a really heavy ass farmers walk?


I would say I want to do it mostly as a strength/size builder. I’m not interested in having a big farmer’s carry per se. But I think being good at it could grant me some size and strength gains.


I’d say first things first is learning to breathe properly during a walk while keeping core tightness, form in general, it’s not that hard but will do a lot for you during heavier walks.

Try alternating heavy walks for around 50ft-75ft for a few walks, Timed walks (20-25sec) and I found a great finisher is taking a heavy weight (Something you could only walk for like 60ft-70ft) for farmers and just walking it as far as you can in say 3min (Warning on the last one it can be pretty destructive and personally I wouldn’t do more than one round of it after a good workout)


Thank you very much for the input! Which day would you place them in?