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Samsung Galaxy 2


So...finally decided to move away from Apple and the iPhone and was considering this phone as an alternative to the HTC series. Anybody have one of these they have any gripes about? Or is it as beautiful and smooth as the reviews seem to indicate?


I had a droid incredible just upgraded to a droid charge I enjoy the adroid platform the apps generally are free and it seems Google doesn't care if you root your phone. As far as the extras go I really liked HTC sense vs the Samsung form of Android, I have aux cables in my car for the mp3 player and I could change a song with sense without having to unlock my phone but so far with the samsung I need to unlcock it to change the song. I do prefer the s amoled screen and even thought the screen is bigger I seem to get a much better battery life than I did on my incredible.


SGS2 is a solid Android phone, and would probably be my choice if I was to go that route.


SGS2 is likely the best Android phone and will be for a while, until dual core OMAP and Kal-El come out summer 2012 (America).

You bastards in Europe get the SGS2 already :frowning:

Allegedly, it works on AT&T's network but I'm on Verizon (CDMA).

My next phone needs to have NFC, dual core, and gingerbread. If I get it in 2012, it needs to have Ice Cream Sandwich.


Excellent, cheers lads. Your opinions and some further reviewing have pretty much sealed the deal. =)


I have a galaxy S (1 not 2). The whole Samsung fiasco has left a bad taste in my mouth. This is my second samsung and probably my last. They make the best hardware, but it's nothing without the software (which is shit)

I've rooted and tried several roms. Sammy wont release source code, so developers are having hard times makes roms 100% functional because of missing drivers/code.


I'm pretty pleased with my samsung galaxy SI.

I've rooted it and i had no troubles so far...


I'm thinking of making the switch from BB to droid, so I've been doing some research too. Seems to me that Samsung make the best phones out there today, of which the GS is one of the best. A buddy of mine has this phone and he confirms its fantastic.

For comparison, I owned an HTC Touch 2 before my BB, and it was a piece of garbage. The day it finally stopped working was cause for celebration... I'm never using HTC again.


I had an HTC 8125 which ran window's 2 I think and I loved it, had until recently a droid incredible great phone. HTC makes some great devices but when the carriers put all their bloatware onto a device it messes up the phone.


Ok, update - FUCKING LOVE IT!

First of all it was an absolute joy to finally bin that heap o shite iTunes software and move to an external device drive solution where you can literally just drag and drop anything you want in to the phone - no Samsung or even third party software required. Being able to browse the shared folders on my home network and stream them on to my phone without downloading the files is a capability every smartphone should have!

Anyway, moving on from the iPhone bashing, it's beautiful. Spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning up the home screens and playing around with various apps, of which are in abundance straight out of the box - GoogleMaps and Navigator (satnav app), Voice command software (send texts or Google search by speaking in to the phone), photo editor's and video makers and the rest I haven't even had time to look at as yet.

The phone itself is BIG. The screen real estate is impressive even if the phone feels a little thin. Some might like the thinness but for someone who drops their phone every couple of months a protective case/pouch is probably one of the first accessories to get. The back of the case I believe has been improved from the Galaxy S backing however still feels somewhat slippery in dry hands making taking pictures with it's back mounted 8MB camera a dangerous exercise.

I haven't really had a chance to experiment with the camera but it seems to handle brightly lit areas well, a problem I had with my 3GS and there appear to be plenty of camera apps available in the Android market for fine tuning the cameras functions.

Anyone unfamiiliar with the Android system will note the incredible ease in downloading/installing apps compared to the shop and drop methods of iPhone. I expected alot of device management settings to pop up when I first went to download something via the phone and wifi but it just did it, immediately. Again when I decided to visit the Adroid market online via the computer and install an app on to my phone it just selected my phone immediately. Absolutely no mess or fuss.

The phone is hella fast. Playing Words with Friends, while listening to tunes and then popping straight on to Weebles.com was nearly as fast as sitting at my home pc. Shit just blazes past as the dual processor eats processes up. I have noticed the phone heating up while multi-tasking but not alarmingly so. Given the horsepower under the hood it's hardly suprising.

So far I can't fault the phone at all! My first Samsung phone purchase seems absolutely dreamy! =P

edit - forgot to mention I have discovered a downside to the phone in that the headset controls seem to rely on more than one button, which fucks up my Sennheiser headset one button functions (double tap and treble tap etc). There may be an app that addresses this but I've yet to find it. Till then I'm stuck with pausing a tune with one tap or forwarding by holding down the button for a couple of seconds.

further edit - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.kober.headset&feature=more_from_developer seems to address the headset issue above. Both with the HTC Desire and Galaxy S 2 with one button headphones. :slightly_smiling: