Sams Club and HCG

Well I finally found a NEW Doc that seems like he knows what he is doing. Best part is, not far from my house.

Saw him yesterday for first time. He said as soon as my b/w is complete, he will switch me from gel to shots. Also gave me the OK for HCG, and A-dex if needed.

He will give me the scrip for HCG and Test CYp, or he will sell it to me. His prices are on the high side.

$100.00 for 10,000 IU HCG.
I called SAMS and COSTCO pharmacy, and asked for HCG and/or Chorionic Gonadtropin, and they had no idea what I was asking for.

Question …

How did you guys get product from Sam’s or Costco ???

Can/will they order it for me ???

Any special routine that needs to be taken ??

Thanks for the help.

Costco. I pay $44 for 10,000 iu.

…the DIN (Drug Identification Number) could be universal (just a guess here). Give the pharmacy a call and ask them to look up DIN# 02247459. I buy mine at Costco (but in Canada)…hebs

edit on second thought, that number may not work in the USA. Perhaps one of the other guys could send you the DIN# off of whatever brand they’re using. That’s the easiest way for the pharmacy to look up a drug.

edit#2 Pregnyl 10000iu DIN# 02182904

This site list hCG and other fertility drug’s DIN#s


I found a NDC # on the box.

I will give this to the pharacist.

This will save me some $$$$.

Costco and Sam’s club both use the same supplier. If one is out of stock, so is the other… Been there, done that.
PM me if you need another pharmacy.


I am 43 and have been training for several years now 20+. My problem is that every time I get my B/W done my doctor always tells me that my test. is low, but in his opinion not low enough for trt. Is there a good way or source to see a listing of doctors in my area that my be more supportive.

where are you? (within 50 miles or so?)