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I’ve bought magazines and in the ad’s some people dont know it but if you look at the bottom they’ll say go here and they post a website for free samples, and ive done so, some give you 1 or 2 day samples but one ive been to sent me 1 month supply of stuff, So i was just wondering if you guys and girls knew of any sites i could go to again to get some kinda of samples small or big? Id appreciate it, been looking but couldnt find any. Thanks.


Just bumping the thread before i have to leave. Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thanks again.


Cheap bastard are ya Mike? Reminds of that french fry commercial a few years back," give it to mikey, he’ll eat anything". Just razzing ya man, I don’t know of any but I haven’t bought a rag in a few years, mostly crap and ads. I’d be wary of companies giving out free months supplies of anything, unless it was here,haha.


Anyway, just go to random supplement companies (websites), go to their contacts page and ask them for some free samples. Say you’re very interested in buying their stuff and leave an address.

I’ve done it. It works.

haha, funny stuff. But yeah ill give that a try, thanks El_animal.