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Some quick observations:

  1. With a split routine, I wouldn't devote an entire workout to biceps. Look at some splits in the Cephalic Carnage thread, or some other popular splits (e.g. Dorian Yates'). And I'm not sure about having shoulders/triceps the day after chest, but you have to do what feels right to you.

  2. Is the diet comprehensive? I mean, is that pretty much all you're eating in a day? If you're looking to bulk you need a lot more protein in there, and I wouldn't cut out (good) fats either.


Since when do people get black belts in Muay Thai, I have never heard of this before so I'm curious, are you referring to arm bands?



Stripped down hypertrophy is a great program, as long as you eat enough. Without eating, hypertrophy will not happen as fast as you seem to need it.

I'm not too sure what the 2 hour sessions will accomplish, because either you lift heavy, or you lift for high reps. And if done correctly, you can't do any of those for as long as 2 hours.

Good luck!


X2 the suggestion to not devote an entire day to biceps.

Also, the leg press does not have a very large carry-over to sports, I'd recommend a blend of squatting and front squatting.


I would stop worrying about the timing of your workouts. Just get in the gym and do what you need to do to reach your goals. This reminded me of a video by Jim Wendler. Comical and true:


I think the art he's refering to is now called Muay Boran, the art Muay Thai evolved from. If you've seen Ong Bak, that's the style they use in the movie. I thought the only place they still taught it was Thailand though.

And i agree with all the previous posts, you need to eat more man. And if you put on a bit of fat, who cares? I bulked while i was doing Muay Thai, and just cut down before comps. that way i always seemed bigger than the other guys :slight_smile:

Oh and a more logical progression for your program is from bigger muscles/movements down to smaller muscles/movements. So instead of starting with the calf raise for legs, end with it. And a more logical split would be something like upper body/lower body, Chest/tri's, back/bi's, shoulders and legs, or chest/back, shoulders, arms and legs.

Concentrate on big compound movements, especially if you're looking for more size and strength and focus on overall development rather than a single body part (e.g arms)


Good post.




Elliot, you might check out rosstraining. Ross trains fighters (a lot of boxers, mostly). He has a lot of good ideas about strength and conditioning for fighters.


x 2 on Ross Training. I think that he could help you out a lot with programming specifically for Boxing.


Muay Boran huh? Very cool.

Good luck.