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Sample Packs


Anyone know good sample packs, drum kits, synths etc.

For example: Battery 3, Komplete etc.

If you know of free ones, or one’s easy to torrent (Battery 3 is a bitch to Torrent because it only works with Cubase).

I am tired of lurking through forums for drum kits, and, I only see people flaming on ACTUAL producer forums.

No joke, this is actually a better place to post this, sad isn’t it.

I bought Steven Slate Drums, which are the best drum samples I’ve ever heard. There’s also BFD, Toontrack, and XLN. I don’t use any of them. There are also libraries for Roland, Alesis, and DDrum modules. The old DDrum (Clavia) ones are freely available, and they have some great samples like Simon Phillip’s kit (including Octobans, gong bass drum, etc.).

Andy Sneap posted a set of samples somewhere, they’re OK if you record metal. There are loads of samples created by enthusiasts and producers, I don’t know how you have difficulty finding them. For example, people often post GOG samples for drum replacement.

You can make good samples on your own if you have access to a kit, microphones, and if you know how to EQ, gate, filter, and compress.

Awesome, took a listen to those Steven Slate Drums, even though I’m more of hip hopish, those are actually some great drums :smiley:

Anyway, for those want to know, I’ve found this amazing library of drums: http://hiphop-producer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=847&sid=3d5c74c7f8607b0256960af116b438fd