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Sample Day for 250g Carbup?


Hey Ct, hopefully you can help me here. My carbup is on wednesday. Upto 250G of carbs for the day and clean. Can you give me a sample meal plan for a 250g carbup? thanks alot (also include creatine and glutamine into the day). This is based on your article- refined physique transformation.


Man, this would be opening up the gate of Hell! Everybody would ask me to design their own diet after that!!! It's not complicated... locate a food composition chart that tells you how much carbs per portion of certain foods.

Go with something like 4 meals containing 60g of carbs each spread throughout the day. Use rice, rice cakes, oatmeal, potatoes and yams to get your carbs... not really complicated.


This was my bulking diet for a while, just play around with the macros and voila!

1) 2 cups oats, 1 scoop whey, Fish Oil X 5
92g / 17g / 40g

2) Bagelwich (1 Bagel, 1 cup egg whites, 1 slice cheese), 1 banana
78g / 9.5g / 39g

3) Sandwich (2 slices WW bread, 1 can tuna), 1 apple, 2 potatoes
99g / 4.5g / 35g

4) 8 eggs, 1 slice cheese
6g / 43g / 54g

5) Salad (2 romaine heads, 1 slice cheese, 1 beef burger, 4 tbsp fat-free ranch), 1 bag sunflower seeds, Fish Oil X 5
22g / 41g / 33g

Workout Days - 2 scoops Surge Recovery
42g / 4.5g / 25g

Total -
Training Days: 339g CHO, 124.5g Fat, 226g Pro = 3,588 kcal
Off Days: 297g CHO, 120g Fat, 210g Pro = 3,258 kcal


i thought 2 cups oats yield around 60g not 92g, and also a bagel around 50g not 78g


oops didnt notice the banana!


1/2 a cup of oats has 27 g of carbs. 2 cups would be 108 g


I don't count fiber, but you can if you want I guess...


im thinking

5 egg whites, 1 banana 1 apple, oatmeal

grilled chiken,bison,veggies and sweet potato fries

a shake and whole wheat protein pancakes

10 pcs sushi and 3 rolls with brown rice


sweet potato fries will be baked in oven