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Samoa Obesity Push


[u]Samoa obesity push[/u]
The United States has asked the American Samoan government to implement a plan to reduce obesity in the territory.

The request has come from Dr Saleia Afele-Faamuli, a Samoan who oversees national science and education programs for the United States Department of Agriculture.

She says there's s enough scientific data to show that Samoans are among the most obese people in the world.

Dr Afele-Faamuli has been in American Samoa for two weeks, attending meetings and promoting a health plan called the Island-wide Strategic Planning and Performance Against Obesity for American Samoa


I wonder if there've been any studies into whether or not Samoans are predisposed to be large...there are a bunch of large Samoans in Hawaii


Ive never met a thin Samoan, they also tend to be pretty fucking strong.


I want to see Dr Saleia Afele-Faamuli try to take the fried chicken away from David Tua personally.


Whats up with all fatness threads poping up lately?
I am a fat boxer and you can all fuck yourself.