Same Sex or The Opposite?

I don’t remember HOW, but an interesting topic came up at work; Would you feel worse if your significant other/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend left you for someone of their SAME sex or someone of their OPPOSITE sex? (e.g. your wife left you for a MAN or ANOTHER WOMAN?) There were some VERY interesting responses! I hope we get some here! (Hey…if you think this is not a “proper” topic for this site, I bet the average guy would see a BIG drop in his Testosterone if his honey left him for another man!!:)----!!!)

If my wife left me for another guy, I’d feel less “lied to” than if she left for another woman. However, the potential for disease would be greater (assuming there was sexual activity outside the marriage) with the man, so that would bother me more in the short term.

I’d feel worse is she left me for another woman… mainly because I couldn’t join in.
If it was a man, then I wouldn’t want to join, so not as much of a left out feeling :slight_smile:

I’d probably feel worse if she left me for another guy. that means i wasn’t good enough. if she left me for a woman though that just means she doesn’t like guys in general. it still would suck though. If the girl she left me for was hot than that wouldn’t be AS bad. i know my girlfriend likes guys though so if she left me for a woman it would be allright because i would demand a 3some. or at least fantasize about it…

That “threesome” thing kept coming up at work! Interesting…:)—!!!

No difference. Dumped is dumped. Except if your lady leaves you for a woman there’s always the chance…you know what I’m talking 'bout.

Interesting topic. I’ve never thought about it nor has it ever happened. But I guess it would be better to lose your woman to another woman. If it would happen, I’d surely work the threesome angle. But only if the other girl was hot. If she was a bull dyke, I wouldn’t even bother! LOL!

When we were at colledge everyone thought my girlfriend was batting for the other team, and she hated the thought of it. If she went for another guy i really think i would be crushed, if it was another woman, id just hope she’d get it out of her systems, or maybe just let me watch - LMAO, and another thing, who here has TRIED to persuade there girlfriend to try perhaps one of her hot friends(and probably got a salp for asking…but if you dont ask…lol!). On my birthday me, my girlfriend and our mutual best friends (one male and one female) were drinking on a hot afternoon, anyway a dare was enevitably set, and the two girls had to kiss each other - a surprisingly pleasing event! However if the loped offf to the bedroom togeather, i dont think i would have been quite so pleased

If it was a woman, that would upsetting because i could nt join in. However, if it was a man, he had better start running. Would nt help much anyways, im from Russia, we track you down…