Same Score on 1A/1B. Which Program to Choose?

Hello CT.

First of all thanks for all the informations you are sharing, i follow you since few years (i started with the black book) and tried a lot of your workouts with quite good results so far.

I’m posting here because last week i did the neurotype test and go this score.

I’m wondering which programm i should follow between 1A and 1B because i almost got the same score on both.
I did the test with my girlfriend next to me to make sure that it was as most accurate as possible.

I recognize myself in both of these neurotype and not at all in the others.
I practice sprint and wakeboard, i love learning new skills or trying new sports. I have litteraly no stamina and anyway i dont like working on it (i only run the 60 and 100m and in the weight room i hate doing set of more than 8 reps and for exemple your OVT program was a pure hell for me), when i try a new sport i go all in and i can’t control my energy level so after few minutes i get so tired that i already need to rest.

I dont like to dominate in every situation but only when it’s something that i really want (usually only when i do sport or when it’s something which really excite me) so this make me think that i’m more 1B but at the same time i dont have big natural qualities in sport (i got there because i worked really hard and i’m really motivated) and some people are so much more talented than me in sprint for exemple.

Could you help me to choose the right program ?
And are the neurotype workout compatible with sprint training 3 times/week ?

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Do you like doing dynamic work (if you’ve ever tried it)?

I’m not sure about what you mean by dynamic work but if it’s focusing on concentric portion of the exercice yes I love it as long as I also lift heavy ( for exemple I love Bulgarian training ) or doing plyometrics like box jump right after squat. The only things is if the training is only lifting light weight as fast as possible I have the feeling that i will lose all my strength and muscle. I really feel the need to lift heavy to feel good after my training.

That’s what I mean

I’d probably err toward his 1A work, then; at least with the programs with which I’m familiar - he has new versions coming out shortly.

My scores are really close to yours 116 1A and 133 1B. I occasionally like some 1A stuff like overcoming iso’s, partials, and heavy sled pushes but lean more toward explosive stuff.

I’ve been keeping my lifts in the strength-speed zone so 70-90% for oly lifts and 60-70% for regular strength lifts. Kinda heavy but can move fast, this pairs well with sprinting for me.

I typically do 1 oly exercise and 1 strength in a workout and pair one of those with a plyo, complex style.