Same Routine vs Rotating Exercises

Hi coach, I’m about to start a HIT routine.
I’m going to do 1 set to failure (plus 10-15 seconds pushing on that last impossible rep), 8-12 reps, tempo 4 seconds negative 2 seconds positive.

My routine would look like:
Chest press
Machine Row
Shoulder Machine Press
Lat machine
Tricep extensions (or maybe a dip/close grip press)
Some kind of curls
Some machine “squats” (hack squats/pendulum/leg press…)
Some kind of Ham Curls
Some kind of calf raise
Some kind of crunches

Well… My question would be, since I train 3 times/week would it be best to do the exact same exercises everyday or should I rotate like 3 routines? For example do a leg press on monday, a Hack Squat on wednesday and a Pendulum squat on friday?

Hi @Genevo!

Not Dr Darden - but - You could always do what I did for 6-12 months: Alternating between 4/4 sec pos/neg, 30-30-30 and 30-10-30 on your three training days per week. Full body, same 8-12 excercises. Maybe shifting between machine workouts on the longer sets, and/or free weights on the 4/4. Keep in mind to work and emphasize bigger muscle groups first (legs, back, chest), followed by smaller ones as needed. And do keep logging your results as your one set needs to be focused!

I had great results on this routine (alternating two days of training per week). Highly recommended.

Yes Rotate. Other than legs, do NOT repeat the same exercise in the same week.

If you insist on sticking with 3/wk, may I suggest limiting your exercises to 6-8 — especially if you plan on 10-15 secs pushing/pulling after PF is achieved*. Even if you limit the extra pushing to 2 exercises per workout, I’d say 7-8 exercises per workout is your limit… maybe even less.

(*please search and see this topic discussed on its own. The Cost-Benefit of this practice is generally considered way too high. It extends your recovery time a lot and the payoff is minimal or nil!! Perhaps, pick just one muscle group each week and ONLY do the 10-15 seconds on exercises for that muscle!)

Some ideas for spacing things out:

  1. Instead of thinking in terms of 3, think in terms of 2. Week 1: ABA, Week 2: BAB
  2. One workout could be vertical (Ovh Press, Pulldown) and the other would be Horizontal (chest press, row)
  3. Alternate Push (with Quads) and Pull (w/ Hams & Calves) each workout
  4. A - 2 Push, 1 Pull and Biceps (w/ Quad Leg move(s))
    B - 2 Pull, 1 Push, and Tricep (w/ Ham/Calf moves).
  5. 3 Way Split:
    A - Heavy Push Movements + Crunches + Leg Ext
    B - Heavy Pull Movements + Hams + Calves
    C - Heavy Leg Press or Squats (+50% sets) + Arms

These are just a few. LSS: If you hit ALL muscles, EVERY workout you will burnout and fast.
And take it easy on the Extended Pushing or Pulling past PF!!!