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Same Question, Hopefully New Answer

I’m going to be making a lil venture into TJ when I go out to Cali for the usual fun ho’s, drink’s, and donkey shows. Last time I was there I checked out a few pharmacias and much to my shagrin I was VERRY disapointed. THe prices SUCKED! No lying I went to 5 different spots (one spot was even recommended by a source I have) and the prices were way shittier then what I could get just sitting in my living room and ordering over the net. Anyone know of a good spot or is what I’ve figured true. BTW I’d be in heaven if I could find a cheap place to get either igf-1 or gh out there. Let me know bro’s.

go to a vet store,walk cross border go to that little plaza to your right, walk over bridge-- at bottom take left go straight through alley when you come to the end of alley look across the street a little to the left you will see it. good luck

Print out a price sheet and stick to the pharmacies on Revolucion you’re bound to find one that has cheap prices.

One more thing: Go with the Taxi Libre cabs they have the best rates.

I’m damn near positive that’s where I went last time and stil didn’t find anything special. But thanks bro.

What is up wideguy! long time no see…
Your best bet is to get a Taxi driver at the border…Look for a young guy… there will be a bunch waiting for tourists… if you walk up to the group one will approach you…Talk to the guy and tell him what you are looking for and that you want to get it cheap and if he hooks you up you will tip him accordingly, usually they will take you and actually go in and buy it for you, just know what the prices should be and only give him what you are willing to pay…they usually get stuff for the actual price not OUR PRICE! Tip him well, and if you want to party usually they will drive you around all day and wait outside of the hotspots for you and even take you to way cooler places than you would find on your own, usually a tip of $50 to $100 bucks is what they expect depending on what all they did for you, but it’s worth it cuz they will look out for you while you are there! Just my experience and that has been in Texas Border Towns and TJ only 1 time…

Thanks bro