Same Leg Knee and Ankle Pain

Hey guys

Recently both my friend and my boyfriend (seperately) started lifting weights. They both started similiar routines mostly with the deadlift (not from floor), bench, dumbell row, front press, and squat. I was the one who made the routines and went with them to the gym the first couple of weeks to show them what to do.

For my friend its been about 6 months, and for my boyfriend its been about 1 month, and both of them are complaining about knee and ankle pain in the same leg.

In my friends case, he feels it after squatting when he runs. He currently front squats- I never taught him the front squat and have never seen his form. He has mentioned to me his ankle that is hurting is more mobile than his other.

Now my boyfriend is slightly bow-legged and within the first two times we went to the gym he said his knee was bothering him while he squatted. I told him to stop. Apparently he kept doing them once I stopped coming to the gym with him and 2 sessions later he complains about both kneee AND ankle pain in the same leg.

I honestly have no idea what to tell either one of them and am wondering if anyone here has any ideas or info or a place to start?

Thanks guys.

See a chiropractor, IMHO. A spinal/hip misalignment sometimes manifests itself in knee issues.