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Same Guy, New Log


"Success is a habit, unfortunately so is bitching out. If you are cutting out those last few reps of squats, or not getting in your energy systems work, or Just plain ole' sucking at life, you are teaching yourself you continually repeat those actions again and again. Break the cycle, stop making excuses and just get out there and get it done." T-Nation member Alpha

Alright, so for a while my life has been in limbo. I've been lounging around, drinking and smoking a little too much and not getting really anywhere physique-wise and generally life-wise. So I've been your average undergrad in college.

But I've gotten tired of it, so I'm turning things around. Since I know it's doing the little things consistently that really adds up and creates change, I want to start a new log and update it often. No more wandering aimlessly, time to do shit.

Goals : Get strong. Sit mens sana in corpore sano. Expand my weak volume of literature knowledge. Keep rapping.

Split: Not doing anything special besides deadlifting twice a week, one heavy day and one light day.

Healthy Body

Today's workout

Good warm up

Deadlift (heavy)

135 x 10
205 x 2
275 x 2
325 x 1 (straps)
355 x 1 (belt on)
375x 1
405x 1 (Fail)
315 x 2 (belt off)
275 x 2 x 2 (straps off)

Probably could've gotten 405 if I hadn't taken so many sets at the end, I could feel fatigue creeping into my hamstrings after the 355. Done it before but really grinding and with (I'm sure) a rounded lower back, I'd prefer not to have to grind unless I really want a milestone, just for long term safety purposes.

Rack Chins (no straps to bring forearms up)
1 x bodyweight
2 x 25 pounds x 3 sets of 6-10 reps

Gonna be doing more things without straps in order to bring forearm strength up, they're pretty weak from neglecting them.

Larry Scott Shoulder Press

30 x some
40 x some
50 x couple
55 x 6

Normally I probably won't do shoulders on this day, I just wanted to give this exercise a try after seeing it in a shoulder thread on the main page.

Standing Machine Calve Raises

140 x 3 x 10

Throwing calves in on more days, I have also neglected them and they are starting to look stupid.

Felt good today, munched out all this weekend. Started drinking my protein shakes again and taking my creatine, I had stopped. Started to add in eating greens more often and eating whole grains.

Healthy Mind

Recently finished re-reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Still a great childhood story book. Think I'll stick with Twain and the characters by reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn this week. Also want to refresh my arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. I have failed calculus once, and had to drop it again, looking to take it again this summer. Want to get a head start, still got my Calculus book so I'll refresh my math and start doing a chapter every week and a half or so.

Gonna be hard because I already have regular schoolwork to worry about but it is what it is. Schooling interfering with education i suppose.


Healthy Body

Incline Db Press
45 x 2 x some
55 x 3 x 8-10

Stick to 8-12 reps with DB pressing movements, It feels right, plus Im sure my shoulders will thank me in the future.

Cable Standing Pullovers to Extension
80 x some
110 x some
140 x 3 x 7-11

Strict Cable Tricep Extensions
80 x 3 x 8-10

Cable Lateral Raises

Felt alright even though it was pretty late. I smoked, didn't necessarily want to, but a friend came over. Ate veggies and an apple today, bout to drink my creatine and protein shake.

Healthy Mind

Read the first nine chapters of Huck Finn's book, I think I like it better so far than the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, interesting character. I like how he's not "learned" yet he's a bit of a philosopher lol. Whenever he hears something he doesn't understand he goes off into the woods and thinks it over while having a smoke.


Healthy Body

Forgot my damn straps today. I wanted to have a brutal workout but it all got fucked. Oh well, I tried to give my back as much of a workout as I could without em, but weight was low.

Deadlift (volume)
135 x 10
205 x 8
275 x 4
325 x lots

Pulled lots of doubles and singles because my grip would give out. I don't know how much in total, I just lifted until I couldn't lift the weight anymore on account of my grip.

Barbell Shrugs
205 x 6-7 x 8-10

Kept going until I had to do mixed grip for some sets.

Dumbbell Rows
70 x 4 x 10-15
80 x 7

Kept going with 70 but even after 4 sets, my back wasn't that fatigued, did one with 80.

Standing Cable Rows

140 x 4 x 8-10

Overall disappointed, but at least I got in there and did something. I think the long contrast showers I take after my workouts are working really well.

Healthy Mind

Up to Chapter 15 in Huck Finn. Probably going to get in another couple of chapters before the days over. Need to get to that math refreshing


Healthy Body

Gut check kinda thing

Back Squats
225 x 50

Just got to 50 reps, regardless of sets. Did it in about 40 minutes, between classes.


Healthy Body

Weighted Dips
35 pounds x 30

Shoulder was tweaking

Incline Machine Free Press
1 plate x 4 x 10

Cable Pushdowns
90 x 4 x 8-11

Leg Press Calves
4 plates x 4 x 10-12

Healthy Mind

Wrote about 18-20 bars last night.


Healthy Body

Warm up with Bent over Barbell Rows

Rack Pulls
225 x some
275 x some
315 x 2
335 x 4 x 2-3 (straps)
335 x 2x2-3

bodyweight x 25 (straps at end)

Cable Horizontal Rows
100 x 3 x 8-10

Barbell Shrugs
225 x some
245 x 3 x 8-11 (straps)

Wanted to do a little for shoulders but it was too packed. Do shoulders on another day, maybe tomorrow.


Healthy Body

Lots of people, only did shoulders and 4 exercises because of it.

Incline Db Shoulder Press
70 x 2 x 4-6
55 x 2 x 7-10

Machine Free Shoulder Press
45 x 4 x 6-10

Upright Rows
70 x 4 x 6-10

Machine Side Raises
90 x 2 x 8-11

Haven't been getting to my "healthy mind" stuff. Fuck. Gotta do it.


Healthy Body

Warm Up

Barbell Rows
135 x 2 x some
185 x 3 x 6-9 reps
135 x 10 reps (strict, like Pendley Rows)

Lat Pulldowns
112.5 x some
150 x 3 x 6-10

Rope Lat Pulldowns (mimicking machine pulldowns)

100 x 4 x 6-10

I think these might be my new favorite "accessory" lift, I feel them right by the junction of my delt and lats. They hurt in a goooood way.

Rope Lateral Raises

50 x 3 x 8-11

Strict Smith Rows (tried to pull mainly with upper back area...not sure if it's an exercise that's worth it.)

35's on side for a couple of sets

Pinch Plate Holds 35's

Healthy Mind

Was freestyling all day yesterday at the Reggae festival here, had some real good moments. Definitely pleases me that I'm getting better, just need to be more consistent with the good days.


Random front-relaxed update, love-handles coming in nicely lol. Probably should stop smoking and munching.... I'm sure that in itself will have a big impact on my physique. In due time..


Updated Healthy Mind:

Freestyled in a semi-cypher today for nearly an hour, one of the longest and solidest performances I can remember. Found this Khan Academy website, it's what I'm going to use to relearn my algebra, trig, and supplement calculus learning.


Healthy Body

315 x 28 reps
Over course of several sets, hamstrings got tired before back did. Decided to move on.

3 sets of eccentric-focused reps

Controlled and halted halfway down. Idk why it popped into my mind to do it in this style today, the rest of my rowing was done like this too.

Lat Pulldowns
137.5 x 2 x 6-8
100 x 2 x 8-10

Eccentrinc focused

Straight Arm Pushdowns
90 x 4 x 8-10

Eccentric focused. Slowing down the rep is so fucking painful to do mentally and physically lol.

Plate holds
25s x 2 sets

Went for more time here.

Dia numero uno que ya no fumo por un mes. Vamos a ver los ramificaciones.

Healthy Mind

Started to review my math today using the khan academy website.


This is yesterdays and then today's workout!


Warm Up

Db Seated Press
60 x 2 x 6-10 reps

Behind The Back Cable Raises

Pretty good, very light though, going to get used to em

Machine Side Raises

70 x 3 x 10ish

Sloow eccentric

Standing Db Curls

35 x 3 x 10

Pre-exhaust for the barbell Curls

Back Against Wall Barbell Curls

65 x 3 x 6-8

Weaksauce numbers.

Today's workout

Ramp to

375 x 2 x 1

No straps or belt, think I'm going to start using them less unless I'm repping out...

325 x 2 x 4

Used straps on these sets

DB Rows

95 x 2 x 10-15

used straps, these huuurt.

Rope Cable Pulldowns

110 x 3 x 8-10

Controlled eccentric, not necessarily slow though. Scratch that, theeeese hurt.

Db Shrugs

85 x 2 x 8-10

Had to get out of the gym quick, so this was all I got done.
Good workout though. Stopped taking creatine since I kept having cramping up problems. Just random cramps all over my body, from my feet, to my back, abs, hell I even had a hand cramp once. Looked like that dude with the "little hand" in Scary Movie 2 with the way it was contorted. The weird thing is that I've taken creatine for several stretches of time before yet I'd never experienced this. Trying to get up on my hydration for a while before I start taking creatine again.

As far as my healthy mind stuff goes, I've been reading Twain's mysterious Stranger, flowing a lot more.