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Same Food Every Day


In my quest to bump up my food consumption I've taken to browning a lb of hamburger every day, tossing in a little garlic and eating it like that every day. Is eating the same thing every day bad for you? Is eating this hamburger a quick ticket to my deathbed in 5 years?



It's not physically bad, just frustrating after a while. Well, unless you burn it - then it's physical.


no, eating a pound of ground beef a day isn't going to kill you, or even harm you in any way, as long as it's not like 80% fat ground beef...

The question of "is eating the same thing everyday bad for you" is quite vague.

If you eat a pound of broccoli everyday, you'll be fine and dandy, if you eat a pound of doughnuts everyday, that's a slightly different story...


Isn't it possible to develop food allergies from eating the same thing every day?


Its ok to eat the same thing everyday without harm, in fact most people do. But the hamburger meat may be a little much. I love ground turkey I find its cleaner. When I eat hamburger I use a roast and ground it up so I KNOW its lean. (actually my wife does i dont cook)


I find it's just boring as hell and my pallette just can't stand it for longer than like a month.


I can understand how you feel, I love the ad for Animal Supplements,
It shows a guy alone at the table eating, and the quotation starts Im not going to puke, Im not going to puke....

This morning like every morning I had to choke back my eggwhites because Ive gotten to the point were if I smell them I gag. But it needs to be done,


I ate hamburger patties cooked on a griddle for months on end. It didn't mess with my body in any way, other than making muscle gain easier.

Experiment with spices if that's the way you want to go. I use sirloin and chuck steak all the damn time and play around with BBQ sauce and spices to keep things interesting. Look up some recipes on the internet. There is stuff out there. You should not have to get bored with your food. Lamb is TASTY if you can get it.


Doubtful. Most of us do eat the same things, at least on a weekly basis. When is the last time you ate something "new"?