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Same Cycle Repeat?

Has anyone here ever finished a cycle - and then later after an off period, did the same cycle again and saw more gains (same dosages, time period, etc) - ?

Bump. To restate my question -

Just wondering if you always have to “one-up” your next cycle to see gains / or if you can do a repeat (same dosage etc) and come out better the second time?

i have seen many people do cycles less than previous and come out with better gains. although steroids and other compounds may increase ability to gain, you can still hold yourself back with less than optimal lifestyle habits. there are very few people that could not stand to gain from making more optimum decisions in regards to feeding, training, and recovery.

hey …im am new to this , im doing a dianabol 6 week cycle - im on the 3rd week now …

how long should be the off time before i start a new cycle ?

and are the losses in strenght high ?



or maybe i was thinking bout doing a 6week , stoping for a week doing another 3week ans stoping for a month … how it sounds ??

Sounds bad to me. 6 weeks of d bol is not a good idea.
Sounds like you need to do some more research before starting your next one and end this one now.
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