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Sam Byrd All Time World Record RAW Squat


My friend and training partner Sam Byrd Squatting 854lbs @ 220lbs. Man is a freak.


Great squatting. What happened with his benches?


Haven't talked to him yet he is still asleep but if I had to quess either his shoulder was acting up or freaked himself out on the Squat. If you noticed he had a weird wobble think he was worried his hip was screwing up.


Do you guys train in Chattanooga?


Yeah we do at Train Station Fitness. Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday


Damn shame. Do you know what he opened with on the bench?


444 which I watched him destroy 465 a week ago should have been a easy weight something had to have happened


Nice. I'm in Cleveland and my fiance and I are possibly looking for a place to train with a better atmosphere and with a monolift. She just got done with a meet on the 10th and posted a 1045 total (410sq/220bp/415dl) raw with wraps and I'm about to be prepping for a meet later in the year.


That's awesome Reed. Please tell Sam congrats from a random internet guy..lol Hey, Train Station gym is in Hixon right? I travel to Chatt on occasion for work. Would love to go to a good gym while I'm in town.


Yeah that's the one man. Would love to have you out we Tuesdays and Thursday are a little flip flop on times but every single Sunday is Squat and Deads


Awesome man would be great to have y'all out even if a few times a week. Jesse Rodgers trains in Cleveland he usually has his mono there if I'm not mistaken. Train Station is absolute awesome place to train though. Small and shit every where but can't beat the loud music, chalk, and the shit the hell up and lift atmosphere. And that's sick for your lady man insane number RAW for a female. What weight class did she compete it in? Are you guys going to do Record Breakers in Gatlinburg in November.


Sam is an amazing squatter. Some of his tips have personally helped me out when he's been at NBS



You are from chattanooga. That is like a mountain town where everyone kinda knows everyone right? How long have you been there?


My whole life 22 years Minus 4 I was away in the Army.


SHW, not sure of her actual weight at the meet. She is pissed she missed 1100 and wants to go ahead and do the USPA meet in OCT. now and get it there. She just narrowly missed depth on her 440 squat. If we did make it it would be on the wkends, she works till 8 at night.

Jesse was at the meet but I did not know he lived out this way, it was a hecktic day.


Awesome man she will get it next go. Yeah Jesse lives in Harrison but, trains in Cleveland at place called Fitness Factory I think is the name


Indeed I will have to go check it out.


just our of curiosity reed do you know the Hensely family. I don't know how small chattanooga is but I know a person from there and they tell me it is a very tiny mountain town where everyone knows everyone.


I know a John Hensley... And I think a Sarah both a little older than me around 28ish Sarah may be younger


The guy is strong, no dis to him but I can't believe that those are called parallel squats today.

I have to say that Malanichev's looks to be dead flat parallel to me, so maybe I just don't get it from the angle.

Edit: I still-framed it and this one looks dead flat parallel too. Still not like squats used to be: