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Salvaging Gear from Dead Space in Syringe


If you were to suck all the extra oil out of the "dead space" in your used syringes, would that be usable or is it possibly contaminated?

I capped the used needles immediately after use and used a new needle to suck the oil out. I've got almost 2 ml from 20 syringes, seems a waste to throw it away.


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Thats not very 'PC' shouldn't you say traveller?


If you took it out right after using the syringe itll be fine.


LMAO I'm picturing a chav in a tracksuit asking people if he can borrow a bit of gear.


I had to google what that meant. And now I'm ashamed.

Gonna toss it, the used syringes were sitting in a ziplock bag in my desk for weeks.

I figured out how to avoid it by filling the syringe with enough air to clear the dead space so I'm actually getting ~9.9 shots per vial.


Yea Id toss it at that point.

One way to eliminate the problem compltely is to use slin pins. Then when you cant draw anymore, rip the metal off the top (scissor works) and remove the stopper and draw the rest out.


He's NOT concerned with the amount left in the vial, it's the MINISCULE amount in the syringe he's concerned with?!?! Let it go brother.........................


think he's actually refering to the amount in the needle. drawing a little air bubble in the syringe and allowing it to follow the gear when injecting will both clear the needle and pack the gear into the muscle a bit. that small amount of air going into your muscle will have no ill affect on you.


Thanks, that is what I was talking about and that is the method I was trying to explain above.