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Has there been a movie showcasing a female action hero on this level since Aliens?

She did many of her own stunts...which may be why this came off as believable overall.

I am watching it again tonight.

I want a sequel...and I want more fine women who can take down an army by themselves while doing it with style.


Aeon Flux, all 3 underworld flicks, You could count the resident evil movies if you want, Going back a little I would also include 5th element. I could probably think of a bunch more but those are just off the top of my head.



jesus you watch some shite movies


One thing is for sure- Angelina is one fine woman.


I really enjoyed this movie.

When I watch an action film I like to live vicariously through the protagonist and pretend I'm delivering the beatings (if that makes sense). It's much harder for me to do this with a female lead.

But I would definitely watch a Salt 2 if it were ever made, Salt was pretty damn entertaining.


The ONLY thing I might change is adding a little more action at the beginning...but that may be why it worked because all of that caught you off guard.

I have not seen it done better with a female lead, especially in an "action movie". She deserves credit for leaning those moves and making it look like she really knew how to do it.

I have been a fan since Hackers...but damn, she just won me over big time.


...and I would disagree on all counts.

Aeon Flux, while I may have watched it, did not hit me like Salt did. This movie will be watched many times over in the future.

Underworld is something I am definitely a fan of...but that is more because of the entire production. I would not get lost in the movie and gain the sense that the actress could do any of that and didn't when watching it. Don't get me wrong, I want to see more, but I am talking a female lead who really took the role and ran with it.

Resident Evil came damn close...but again, by over stylizing it, it lost that sense of reality.

5th Element, she NEVER looked like she could fight someone else.

Salt succeeded at making a character who took you through all the paces...without tight leather and overstylized fight scenes that just look great.


Linda Hamilton in T2?


It wasn't HER movie and she didn't play the lead.

I respect the role she did because before that, you NEVER saw women portrayed as having muscle like that and being that strong in a movie. She helped a movie like Salt get created in the long run....but I mean movies with a female lead done with this level of attention to detail and level of acting.


Ding Ding: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


No, but she was "showcased" :wink:

Fair enough, point though.

I agree that her role (and preparation and stunt work) did raise the bar for action actresses. Jolie has raised that bar with this movie (apparently).


T-2 was all about Hamilton, and she was the female lead and the lead hero, even though Arnold obviously got top billing. I think X's point is splitting hairs a bit.


Shyt why am I in this thread, just bought it waiting to watch it with the Mrs Friday, lalalalala not listening leaving


I'm not going to argue back and forth on this but T2 was about the kid and Arnold. I think Hamilton kicked ass in it, but it was not a movie about Hamilton even though she had some huge scenes in it.

I see movies like Alien as being ABOUT Sigourney Weaver's character and the Aliens.

I see Resident Evil as being ABOUT the woman and the Umbrella Corp.

I even see Underworld being ABOUT the lead actress and her relation to the vamps and werewolves.

If you want to see Hamilton as THE LEAD, so be it. I am not going to fight that anymore.

However, this is about SALT.


Hehehe. Fair enough. I am going have to get SALT on blue ray. Nothing better than watching a foo slinging chick in 1080p and HD Audio.


Kill Bill?


Yes...but again, realism was a tad lacking even though I have seen that many times over.


GI Jane anyone??


Have you watched that movie lately? I remember the hype surrounding it when it first came out and how much they paid her to cut her hair off....but tell us, do you really feel like watching that movie several times?

Have you seen it since?



I liked A-Team also.

If you didn't...who cares?