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Salt Peter

I have heard that Potassium Nitrate is known as “Salt Peter” or “Soft Peter”, and it is repuditly an erection killer. Does anyone know if there is any science backing this up or is it just an old wives tale.

I heard a story about it being put in the mash potatoes of people in the army back in the WW’s to kill sex drive so they could focus better.

What foods have potassium nitrate in them?

“Salt Peter” effecting libido is an urban legend. Potassium nitrate does not cause any difference in libido.
The following ref. says that Army recruits were told they were fed saltpeter. Bootcamp is so draining on the body that the libido suffers with the rest of the body.


Note: Sodium Nitrate is also sometimes called “salt peter” or “Chile saltpeter”.

Salt peter is an ingredient in gunpowder in the days of 'yore.

Having experienced bootcamp I can attest that I didn’t have any inclination what-so-ever to get a chubby during the first couple of weeks… But, once you’re conditioned and you get some naked pics of the girlfriend back home, everything turns out just fine.

Things are different nowadays with the integration of male and female recruits in the same company.