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Salt Bath


I wanna try salt baths to aid recovery on rest days. I have a few questions though

  1. How much salt? (Standard sized bathtub)
  2. How long time?
  3. Temperature?
  4. Is it important that the body part which may be particularly sore is submerged or is it sufficient to sit normally in the water as you would otherwise do with most of your upper torso above water even if say your shoulders or chest is sore?



Mate, just throw some salt in there and enjoy. No need to overthink this.


NOTE: the following is my n=1 experience and I have no scientific basis for this information.

Anecdotally, I have noticed somewhat less soreness and general overall good feeling since I started taking regular Epsom salt baths. I generally dump about a cup (eyeballed, no actual measurement) of salt into the tub, start filling with warm water, slosh it around a little to dissolve the salt, sit with my legs submerged as the tub fills, then eventually slide “down” so my upper back and shoulders are submerged for a few minutes.

I agree that there’s no need to overthink the specifics. Dump in a generous amount of salt, full the tub with nice hot water, enjoy.