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Salt as Supplement for Lower Bodyfat

It corresponds to laugh, and please thank for you. I hope the best thing to you in the luck of your effort.

I like how he’s under the impression that Thib is Vin Diesel.

I laughed so far… I’m going to hell :(… but seriously fried french potatoe…?? LOL

Guys this is a troll thread.

Awesome thread!

Question is at hand.
The article of Vin Diesel offer beginner help of understanding for the article of weightloss where therefore my help is defeated. Why is 2 calories a day why it cannot eat by any means? As for me I why by any means to eat at all, cannot understand the problem where reading English problem I have been attached?

I my Danny Archer Voice : “It will damage your arteries my bru”

Dude you’re purposely getting harder to understand. How the hell can you not write or understand English when you live in Pennsylvania for crying out loud? I don’t care what language you speak- assuming salt is good for lowering your bodyfat is retarded in any language.

Ct vin diesel thing was epic

[quote]GetSwole wrote:
I really think this is a troll. Which would be golden.[/quote]

LOL, it’s like those nigerian emails you get. LMAO at this thread

FOB chinese lol.
what translator you using?