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Salt as Supplement for Lower Bodyfat

My English, my not first language which is not permits that excuse. I thought in doubt concerning salt supplement due to my fat percentage. It meaning that I eat a lot of the fried french potato, there is a lot of the salt on the fried french potato because it is good to taste. I like a lot of the fried french potato. Which this damage to me?

Manipulating your sodium intake will not help you lose bodyfat.

High-calorie fried french potatoes will negatively affect your bodyfat if you eat too much of them.

LOL…“the” fried french potato…frickin’ hilarious. Gotta start using that.

“Yeah give me a double quarter pounder with cheese…and uh, give me 56 of the fried french potato.”

Sorry, I’m an ass.

It isn’t the salt that is making/keeping you fat; it is your fat ass mentality. Get rid of the shitty foods, switch to a high protein, lower carb, whole foods diet. Don’t worry about the sodium intake, making that switch will significantly lower your sodium intake.

Don’t be stupid; eat like shit, look like shit.

Chang Lee, stop eating the fried french potato. You eat them a lot and that is not good. Eating too much of the fried french potato is making you fat. Stop eating fast food.

Useful posts thank you kindly. I how stop the fact that the fried french potato is being eaten? Is the muscle I the way how obtained by “NewDamage” There are times when it is strong in the person, are defined back like “NewDamage”. How do I master the look of his.

Please go to the beginners section and read the stickied posts. You are obviously very new to this (if in fact you are serious) and you will have most of these questions answered.

Coming on a forum and asking “how do I get big muscles like you” isn’t really the proper way to do things.


Chang Lee, eating the fried french potato a lot will make you not have muscle like NewDamage. NewDamage’s muscles took a lot of time.

Go to the “Beginners” forum on the right and read the top posts. Many of your questions will be answered. After you read, you can ask more questions.

Affirmative. I will reading the article’s, raises my knowledge very above another level. I report question to you friends after completion.

I read that article (But difficultly in understanding English language which i work on for the benefit of knowledge and communicate) with Vin Diesel and his transformation from fat toward muscle body plan with “V-DIET”. As for that see carefully. I intend to buy “Metabolic Drive” and other things “Fish Oil” and “CLA”. I am 175 pounds old in the 5’8 and 18% body fat.

Salt effective this how? No articles touch on this topic at hand.

Help I enjoy this article kindly, thank you use the pupil from the martial arts, and install this in the thin muscular lumps like “NewDamage” in the back.

install it in my thin muscular lumps?

What…like a bionic laser or something? That would be cool.

Hello “NewDamage”
What where is the “bionic laser” supplement and company similar to “Biotest” for “Metabolic Drive” ? You read what kind of article concerning this, for not mention this previously?

Chang Lee, click this:


Use that for now on.

“Padilla7921” kindness is reward to my heart and mental capability. I will fill knowledge of mind with the article you present.

I really think this is a troll. Which would be golden.


If this is real it is the most funny thing ever. this guy talks like a teen Pavel Tasouline!

If it’s fake then it is the most funny thing ever! I love this thread. the effort put into this is hilarious.

Chang lee: your english is much better than any second language I speak.

stay keeping the real


This deserves 5 stars.

I obtained the supplemental immense knowledge of percent of body fat with the help of the “Padilla7921” and Novice article’s he presented with author Vin Diesel. My question considers supplementation of “Fish Oil” and “Megadosage of Fish Oil”? Needing the ability grasping of the concept of “Megadosage” definition?

Also, my woman would like idea of supplementation of “Fish Oil” and “CLA” to better her into slender figure. Would people with vast knowledge of topic such as this recommendations and not appear to much like man with thin muscular lumps on leg and arm and stomach area?

In addition it meaning that what kind of cooking method does not give the advantage for fat percent of weight to the fried french potato, healthiness is to be initiated first and foremost. Say no to the salt, it gives whether zero help to reduce the fat deposits. No one has yet helped me here in this topic and cooking method’s for my home of fried french potato is helpful. Thank you

This is funny. The quotation marks are giving it away but it’s still awesome.

Title of something is a quotation marking which my teacher of English said, it becomes then. My wrongdoing if you state it so, I apologize.

I why understand the fact of funny? That it is shown because of English is something where that it is not yet mastered strange with my first contribution post has become so. I apologize but funny is due to language post. What you speak language is many liquids than easy.