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Salt and Iron


Decided to make a table of contents for this log for my own sanity.

Pg. 1-3: 5/3/1 28 week program
Pg. 3: cube for strongman (had to cut short)
Pg. 3-4: 4/day split Bodybuilding (not best for goals, but better w/ current schedule)
Pg. 4- current: Complete Power Look Program

Short-Term strength Goals:
-315 Bench
-365 Squat
-455 Deadlift

Short Term Conditioning Goals:
-2:00:00 Half Marathon
-6:00 Mile

Decided to go ahead and start up a training log. I'm currently running the 5/3/1 28 weeks of training program from Beyond 5/3/1. In October I did SVR, in November I did the BBB 5x10 fsl. I aimed to continue BBB through December but my work and family obligations picked up early in the month and I couldn't train 4 nights a week without it affecting either. Also had to coast on nutrition and training for a couple weeks due to a stomach flu or something. Back on track now!

Current stats>
Bw: 182 lbs.
Ht: 6 feet
Bf: 13%

Current Training Maxes>
Bench: 215
Deadlift: 330
Squat: 245
Press: 145
Power Clean: 175

Goals for the end of the 28 week program>

Strength: BW Press, 1.5x BW Bench & Power Clean, 2x BW Squat, 2.5x BW Dead.
Conditioning: To keep my German Sheppard challenged on our beach/dune runs.


Currently Running a two day/week Rest/Pause routine. Starting this log kind of in the middle of it.

3x5 broad jumps

170x3, 195x3, 220x7, 170x15

150x3, 172.5x3, 192.5x7, 150x21 (rp)

18 rp (*paused in the hang of each rep)

23 rp (*paused in the bottom position each rep)

Core work:
behind-the-neck plate sit-ups (25lbs) x10, ab wheel x10, side bends (45lbs) 10 each side, hanging leg raises x10

finished with 95lb good mornings for 10-20 reps.


Yesterday (12/16/14)

Light pump & conditioning

2-3 rounds of: (w/ 25lb dumbells) curls x10, Arnold presses x10, stiff leg deads x10, band pull-aparts x10, band lateral raises x10

Moderate-intensity interval runs for 15 minutes.

3528 cal, 257g protein



2 mile walk with 55lb. weight vest.

cal: 3545
pro: 217 (a little light, going to make up for it today)
carb: 285
fat: 137



Power Clean: 122.5x3, 140x3, 157.5x3
Deadlift: 230x3, 265x3, 295x5, 230x10
Press: 100x3, 115x3, 130x6, 100x16 (rest-pause)
Bent-over Row: 122.5x20 (for clean fsl)
Curls: 45lb plate x20 rp
Core circuit: 35lb plate behind-the-neck sit-ups x10, ab wheel x10, side-bends w/ 45lb plate x10, hanging leg-raise x10, good mornings w/ 95lbs x10

Out and about for the holidays and wasn’t really tracking nutrition, so I made sure to drink protein and raw eggs whenever I could.



First day in a commercial gym in about 4 months, thought that rather than waiting for a squat rack I’d have some fun and do things I don’t have the equipment for at home, and save my next 531 day for this weekend.

A) Ascending seated cable row: 12, 10, 8, 6
B) Clean pulls: 5x2 @ 200lbs.
C) Dumbell incline press: 3x12 @ 65
D) dumbell rows: 2x10 @ 95
E) back extensions: 5x10 @ bw
F) ring pull-ups: 3 sets
G) tricep cable pull-downs: set drop set



Squat: 185x5, 207.5x3, 230x7, 185x20
Bench: 160x5, 185x3, 205x5, 160x 19 (rest-pause)
Chins: rest pause, not counted. (Did chins between every set of all exercises)
Dips: rest pause, not counted



Power Clean: 132.5 x5, 150 x3, 167.5 x4
Press: 110 x5, 122.5 x3, 137.5 x5, rest pause:110x10, 5 (stopped here, shoulder wasn’t doing well)



-jump rope, broad jumps

Deadlift: 247.5 x5, 280 x3, 312.5 x5,
5x5 @ 247.5 (super set)
Bw dips: 5x15


Beginning of cycle #4
TMs are now: bench 220, dead 340, squat 255, press 150, power clean 180

Warm-up 45lbsx50
147.5 x5
165 x5
187.5 x11
165 x11
147.5 x 8, 8, 3 (last set paused)

All sets super set with band pull aparts



Warm-up: 10 minutes mountain bike, band pull-aparts, broad jumps

Power clean: 117.5 x5, 135 x5, 152.5 x5
Squat: 165 x5, 192.5 x5, 217.5 x8, 192.5 x12, 165 x12 (last two sets were paused box squats)

Rope pull-ups, chin-ups, pull-us, and neutral L pull-ups between sets.



Warm-up: Ball throws, bar presses, band pull-aparts
OHP: 97.5 x5, 112.5 x5, 127.5 x5, 112.5 x5, 97.5 x5

*Just got back from the ER so my head wasn’t really in the game this day, just wanted to hit my pyramid for min. reps and be done.


warm-up: Broad jumps, band pull-aparts, tug-of-war w/ dog and battle rope (or rather this cool industrial shipping rope I found).

Deadlift: 220x5, 255x5, 290x5, 255x5, 220 5x5

Conditioning: 3 mile beach run/walk/sprint w/ dog.


a little back logged…

3 mile beach hiit w/ dog

45 min dune run w/ dog

PClean: 125x3, 145x3, 162.5x4
Bench: 155x3, 175x3, 197.5x8, 175x8, 155x8
Squat: 177.5x3, 205x3, 230x8, 205x8 (paused box), 177.5x8 (paused box)
Row: 145 for 10

30 min beach ruck (45lbs)



Broad Jumps: 3x3
Med ball throws: 3x3

Deadlift*: 237.5x3, 272.5x3, 305x3, 272.5x3, 237.5x3 x2
Press**: 105x3, 120x3, 135x3, 120x3, 105x3x2
pull-up variations: approx. 50 reps total, between all sets.

*First time trying out a hook grip; hated it. I was much stronger with even a double overhand. My thumb kept slipping and I couldn’t grip the bar well. I’ll keep researching and trying, I want to rule out the technique issue before I look for a weakness/imbalance issue.

*Worked more on technique, slowed down the reps so I could adjust accordingly and observe.



Mountain-biked to the other side of the island, crossed shallow-water inlet, and onto another smaller island. Fairly difficult terrain (road, marsh, sand, water). 2-3 hours round trip.

Should mention that I’ve been recruited by a group of friends for a 15k at the end of March, and thus am upping my endurance training.



warm-up: broad jumps, clapping push-ups, band pull-aparts

Power clean: 135x5, 152.5x3, 170x4
Bench: 165x5, 187.5x3, 210x5, 187.5x7, 165x8 (paused)
Squat: 195.5x5, 217.5x3, 242.5x7, 217.5x10 (paused box), 195.5x10 (paused box)
chin-up: varied grips, super-set between all exercises (50-75)

2 mile run on mostly asphalt, some sand.
10 minutes yoga & stretching with anterior tibialis flexing.



Foam roller & mobility work: 10 mins

Power clean: warm-ups w/ 135, 120x5, 140x5, 157.5x5, 140x5, 120x5
dips: 5x10

3 mile run on asphalt & sand



Warm-up: barbell complexes w bar.

Press: 112.5x5, 127.5x3, 142.5x2*, 127.5x5, 112.5x5
Deadlift: 255x5, 290x3, 315x3**, 322.5x3, 290x3, 20 x3
ab wheel: 4x10

Conditioning: 2 mile run on asphalt

mobility: 10 mins with tennis ball and foam roller

*still working on my form, having shoulder pain
**misloaded the bar for set 3


Previous week:
Undocumented runs, mobility work

Cycle 5, 3/5/1, 3’s week
TMs: PC 185, SQ 265, DL 350, BP 225, OHP 140 (5/3)

Mobility work w foam roller & tennis ball

Power Clean: 130x3, 147.5x3, 167.5x4
Bench Press: 157.5x3, 180x3, 202.5x5, 180x5, 157.5x5
Squat: 185x3, 212.5x3, 237.5x5, 212.5x8 (paused box), 185x10 (paused box)
Mixed grip pull-ups for sets of 5-10 supersetted w/ bench & squat

2 mile run on asphalt


Cycle 5, 28 wk program, pyramid pt.2
351, 3’s week

box jumps x 10
Ring pull-ups x 20

deadlift: 245x3, 280x3, 315x6, 280x8, 245
Clean & jerk: ramped up to a single at 195
Back extensions w 25 lb plate: 5x10