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Salsa Music


So my trainer told me the other day that salsa is some good shit to train too, and I've got to agree -there's something about those rhythms that lend themselves to boxing.

Of course, being the white boy that I am, I got no idea what constitutes good salsa music, or where to start on it.

I really dig the Hector Lavoe song that starts at 1:30 in this video. So point me in the right direction here.


Not a Salsa fan,, but I do like Roy Hargrove's latin jazz.




I dance salsa, so I guess I can leave some links, but I'd never train while listening to it. Maybe it's because I understand the lyrics and that could distract me.

http://youtu.be/VJ30poVoq1A (one of my favourites)

And of course, the Queen of salsa : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lArGoRhFr4E

Those are some I got in my youtube favourites.


My wife is Puerto Rican. She listens to Hector Lavoe, Tito Puente, Andy Montanez, Marc Anthony, Frankie Ruiz, El Gran Combo, Eddie Palmieri, Celia Cruz. I'm sure there a bunch more I'm forgetting.


One more link. That guy is constantly (really) uploading salsa music (some cha cha too) with high quality.'

EDIT : Ah, user channel messes up the forum embedment of links.

Look for the youtube user "raygayo".


This is good, too.


I have some Tito Peunte on my iPod and when I hear it ti reminds me of the TV show Dexter as that show frequently features salsa music.


Some good music there, Edevus. In my salsa days, it was Cachao, Tito Puente and Poncho Sanchez. Had never thought of working out to that stuff, but now I think of it, good idea...


Funny, as soon as I read salsa and boxing I immediatly thought of Miguel Cotto. I never understood how him or other latin fighters could train with latin music like that, just never really did it for me when I was training boxing. Then again I wasn't a graceful boxer, I was more of an ungraceful punching bag like Margarito.