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Salmon's DHA and EPA content

Is this week’s Reader Mail correct, a can of salmon has 6g of combined DHA and EPA?!? One can of tuna has as much EPA/DHA as 30 of my fish oil capsules? If I recall correctly, this doesn’t seem right, but if it is, like hell I will be paying for fish oil caps anymore! Anyone? Thanks.

all i know is that a can of tuna is not = salmon

As far as i know farmed salmon is fed the same shit cows are fed so they have very little Omega 3. It would be OK if you could buy wild sazlmon but this is very dificult to do.

You’d be better of eating sardines.

yup. capsules are a rip- off. Its God’s way of punishing people who can’t drink their fish oils like a man.

One more thing, stick with salmon - it has way more EPA/ DHA than tuna. Tuna is very high in those nutrients as a percentage, but the absolute amount of fat in tuna is miniscule. Either that or get a bottle of fish oil and drink that. Its really not so bad, and you cqan get cheap laughs by grossing people out.

3 1/2 oz of canned pink salmon has 6 grams of fat with 1.7 coming from omega 3. Sardines are good but makerel is the king with 2.7 g per 3 1/2 ounces

I used to farm trout and a few salmon for 10 years. I picked up my feed at the plant where it was made. It was on the waterfront. Why? Not so it could have ready access to corn and “the same stuff they feed cows”. It also allowed barges to haul the feed directly to the net pens where they grow the fish. There is herring meal and a bunch of other stuff that fish eat in the feed. It’s not the same as eating herring and shrimp in the wild ocean but it’s not cow feed either. It costs at least 5 times what cow feed costs. Oh, and canned salmon? It’s wild fish. Farmed fish are generally sold in the fresh fish market to make a better profit.

On the capsule subject: Has anyone ever used Solgar omega 3 capsules. The label reads that the oil comes from “norweigan salmon” and the per cap content (eph/dha) is a combined 600mg. That is the highest that I have been able to find. Anyone tried this???

Going off of memory here, but I’m pretty sure Twinlab’s Dale Alexander Twin EPA has a combined 840 mg. of epa/dha per capsule. Not nearly as cost-effective as Member’s Mark etc. but if you don’t want to swallow 20 caps/day, it’s an option.