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Hey Yo...

Ok, I know I should be eating more fish. I could eat steak every night of the week, but that's probably not the best thing for me and I'm sooooooo tired of chicken...

So I just got back from the grocery store and I got me a half pound of Atlantic Salmon. Here's the thing... I don't know how to cook it... It has some skin on one side... Do I leave that on??? I'd like to grill it if possible... Help a brotha out!!!



I'm no expert, but I have grilled it before and it is quite tasty that way. You can broil it too or, if you have a veggie steamer, you can steam that mutha.

What kind of grill do you have to work with? If you have an electric, George Foreman style, just spray down the grill with some Pam and slap it in there and drizzle some lemon on it when done. Works for me.


The skin is edible and contains a lot of omega 3. However, I usually don't eat it. After you cook it you can just use a fork to eat the top part. It will easily come apart from the skin, so it's like eating it out of a bowl or something.

Either way, don't worry about it. Just do NOT remove the skin before you cook it. Too much trouble.


Sashimi is the best.

Geek boy


I just bake it in the oven with some lemon juice.

I spray a piece of aluminum foil with some cooking spray, fold up the sides so the juices don't run off into the oven, and bake it.

I think I set the oven at 375ish for about 20 minutes. If it breaks apart easily with a fork, it's done.


Going off of the last tip, if you don't want the skin on just leave off the cooking spray and stick the fish on some aluminum foil skin side down. The skin will stick to the foil, and you can peel the meat right off.

I eat the skin, it has a ton of good fat in it. However it also has most of the "fishy" taste that a lot of people don't like about salmon.


If you`re going to eat Salmon ditch the Atlantic for WILD Pacific Salmon...much more nutrient and Omega dense and healthier to boot........


What he said ^ ^ ^ ^ ^.