Would smoked salmon (lox) contain unoxidized omega 3’s? If you look at it it looks raw and sometimes I know they use cold smoke to cure it. Im just wondering because I eat quite a bit of this stuff and I think I might be consuming too many fish oil caps because of this.


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Coldsmoke is a way to freeze it and keep the same color of the fish. If you freeze fish the regular way the color will change. It has something to do with shooting a gas through it to freeze it. I don’t know what it does to the omega 3’s. My parents own a seafood company that deal with cold smoke products. Berardi had a fish chart a couple weeks back with the omega 3’s in fish. I think it was in an appetite for construction column.

When fish are cold smoked,they are cured in a variety of item: salt, sugar, spices, herbs, some type of acid(citrus juice, vinegar), alcohol. This basically cooks meat. The fish is then transfered to a smoker that maintains a low temperature so that it does not cook the meat any further, hence the raw texture. Regular smoked salmon is cured then smoked at a higher temperature which cooks the meat. What this does to the good fats, I have know idea. Many commercial smoked products, contain a lot of nitrates, which give it that weird pink color, I try to stay away from those items.