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Would frying canned salmon ruin its omega-3 content? I plan to mix it with some low carb bake mix and make some slamon patties to fry up.

Yes, omega-3 fatty acids are extremely heat sensitive and fragile. The longer they are heated and the higher the temperature, the more they will not only be rendered useless, but actually converted to the unhealthy transfats. They less they are heated, they higher the quality of the omega-3 oils.

So what about Broiled Salmon?

A happy medium has to exist. Of course you have to broil your salmon fillets. Some of the omega-3 EFA’s will be oxidized and rendered useless but would you rather have e-coli or salmanella? Just don’t over cook them. Cook them till done but any over cooking is non-beneficial.

Since it has already been cooked and processed to hell I am wondering if any of the fats survived, or if they were supplemented. If you broil your salmon I would only cook it to medium at the most, I prefer medium rare, or if its sushi grade, raw. You could make patties out of raw salmon filets. If you have a grinder grind the meat and the use some eggs and bread crumbs(optional) to hold it together when you cook them. If you dont have a grinder, a food processer will work, or you could do it by hand, just mince it really fine.

IMO, in regards to canned salmon and damage to the omega-3 EFA due to heating and processing, the damage to omega-3 EFA is due to oxidation. Oxygen or air is required to be present for oxidation to occur and the oxidation is vastly increased in the presence of heat - the higher and longer the heat while oxygen is present - the faster and more complete oxidation and more damage to the omega-3 EFA. However, with canned salmon, the raw salmon is placed and sealed in the can. All air is evacuated out of the can by filling any remaining space with water. Then the filled and sealed can is cooked in a huge steam oven. The salmon is cooked while sealed in the can while in the steam oven. Since all air and oxygen has been removed from the can prior to cooking, no oxidation or damage to the omega-3 EFA can occur (or very little) because no oxygen is in the can. However, after buying and opening the can, you are now exposing the cooked salmon to air and oxygen. If you cook the salmon anymore after opening the can, and cook it in the presence of air and oxygen, oxidation and damage to the omega-3 EFA will occur at that time.

Thanks for the info.

I just got some salmon filet and I was wondering what a good easy way to prepare it for consumption would be? Thanks.

I’m a big fan of sushi. I’ll typically scarf down a good 8oz of raw sushi at the restaraunt. What’s to stop me from just buying Salmon and eating it raw with a bit of rice… Do I need to prepare it in any special way?


Portion the filet out to the servings you want, coat them with olive oil or cooking spray, salt and pepper them, then throw it on the grill. I would not cook it past medium (the filet will start to develop cracks,and ooze juice). You could also use your favorite seaoning blend(mrs.dash, cajun spice etc.) or do what my mom always does and brush it with a little soy sauce. As far as eating it raw, you need to make sure it is sushi grade, just ask your fish monger. It also has to be salt water harvested, not fresh water, when salmon enter freshwater streams to spawn, they can pick up parasites, that can not survive in salt water. Never use fresh water fish for sushi.

I almost forgot, if you don’t have a grill or do not have time deal with one, just use non-stick pan with a little oil or cooking spray. get it hot and sear it on both sides, if it is a fat piece, (more than an inch )finish it in an oven at 400. You could leave it in the pan. but be careful not to burn it.

Ko, just thinking about something and would like your thoughts…

1)Wouldn’t you get a more moist fish that retains juices, oils and spices better if you either 1)baked the filets in foil or 2)microwaved? (is “microwave” a bad word to chefs?)

If that works, could you give us some ideas on foil cooking or microwaving the fish?

2)Since I hopefully have your ear…back to the Top Round of an earlier discussion. If you would like to cook some up for the week, what about Crock Pot cooking a few cuts overnight? Seems like that would help make them more tender. Again…any ideas on how to Crock Pot cook them for greater tenderness would be great!

Thanks, ko!

What about pre-cooked canned salmon? Is there still Omega 3 in that?

Microwaves are good for reheating, and defrosting, thats about it. When you cook proteins in the microwave, they tend to cook unevenly, and dry out. It may also affect the good fats in a bad way (I don’t know for sure, maybe heb knows).

Foil would be great just throw in your aromatics, wrap it up and put them in a 400 oven for about 10-15 minutes. Try a little lemon juice, fresh dill sprigs, salt, and pepper.

As for the top round, the crock pot would be great.