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Salmon/Tuna Jerky

In my ongoing search for quality proteins I have recently discovered salmon and tuna (ahi) jerky. The company that makes it is Snackmasters out in California. It is a great option for those “on the go” times and it actually tastes pretty decent (as long as you slam tons of h2o w/it). It’s been hard finding it though. Does anyone know of any other companies that mass market this stuff? Has anyone been able to find it on-line or in any of the larger stores/supermarkets? Just have to have that protein!!! Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks…

You can find find it in BJ 's, Costco, and Sams Club. I’ve also found it in Shoprite on occasion. Personally I like th Beef Jerky, but it’s tough like shoe leather.

I’ve bought it a Trader Joes and you are right it is really good. What part of California do you live. I used to live on Ocean Beach in San Diego. Every Wednesday afternoon I would buy different types of jerky (Elk, Buffalo) at the farmers market on Newport ave. There was also a woman at a different table that sold smoked ahi and other types of fish. That was the bomb. Great protein source and tasted incredible.