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Salmon Recipes?

Does anyone have some good salmon recipes? I’ve only tried it once and it was hardly bearable. How do you cook it? I tried it on the George Foreman Grill. Any tricks & tips would be great.

I just post one Of MANY the other day do a search for Salmon Dip Or something like that.

Here’s one that I like (Glazed Grilled Salmon):


Not only does it taste good, but preparation is a breeze.

If you have Berardi and Williams’ Gourmet Nutrition book, the recipe “Pecan-Crusted Salmon” is very good and very simple.


I like it grilled. We usually buy whole, and rub the inside with barbeque rub, and put it on the grill. Tastes great.

At work, I usually eat the skinless boneless straight from the can. It is not bad. You are a big boy, you can handle it.

My quickest and easiest way to cook salmon (I prefer fillets, not steaks) is to rinse the fillet, put it on tinfoil (skin side down), drizzle it with a little teriyaki sauce & lemon juice and broil it in the toaster oven for about 15 minutes. Yummy :slight_smile:

I get the big fillets (with skin on one side) brush to flesh side with olive oil and lemon juice, then dust it with dill weed, a little tarragon, kosher salt and cracked pepper. Put it under the broiler until browned, and then put it in the oven till it’s flaky. Always a winner. You can do the same flavors with the wrapped steaks and broil or toss them on the grill.

Go to Berardi’s website and buy his cookbook…lots of fantastic salmon recipes…

Here is one of mine…great with most fish…

Saute ripe tomatoes in olive oil, add fresh spinach and balsamic…that’s it. Very yummy!!

Thanks everyone. Keep them coming if your reading this and haven’t replied yet.

Have you tried salmon burgers?

canned, or fresh salmon
whole grain breade crumbs
egg whites
non-fat mayo
old bay seasoning
whole grain flower

Mix all ingredients thouroughly, then gently mix in salmon. Form into small cakes, lightly coat with flower and sautee in olive oil until lightly brown. Serve with rasberry vinaigrette dressing.

I sell salmon (I work in a grocery store) and we demo it sometimes. There is a big difference between the types of salmon. So if you don’t like one kind, try one better.

I can hardly eat pink or chum (the cheapest). Coho is alright, not that good though. Sockeye and Red Spring are the best, least fishy tasteing. Red Spring is often thicker, so it stays much more moist, and does not dry out; however the sockeye tastes somewhat better, and usually is a bit cheaper. You really get what you pay for (at least where I work). (I don’t think white spring is that good, or common, I haven’t tried it though.)

Farmed salmon (usually Atlantic, sometimes Red Spring) is good and cheap but you have to consider the enviromental consequences of it.

I stuff it with chopped carrots, celerie and ognons and put it in aluminium paper and then slowy cook it in the oven, then I add a little lemon juice on it right before eating it. DAMN I’m hungry!

This is really rich…

Large salmon fillet, skin on
2 cups best foods mayonnaise
2 TBS. chopped fresh dill
2 TBS. lemon juice
Garlic salt, pepper

Mix together mayo, dill, lemon juice and dash of garlic salt and dash of pepper. Cover the bottom of a large baking pan with foil, and spary generously the foil with cooking spray. Lay salmon fillet onto the foil. Spread the mayo mixture on the top side of the salmon. Bake unti medium rare and remove to a serving platter.

Here’s one that is pretty good.

Salmon fillet with or without skin. Smear it with wasabi paste (available at chinese or Japanese groceries) pour on some low salt soy sauce and black pepper and a little ginger powder. Bake it or toss it on the grill until medium rare. Press it with your finger, when it is slightly firm it is medium rare.

Good flavor and no additional fat.

This one is awesome…

Combine olive oil, honey, freshly minced ginger and jalapenos. Drizzle over salmon and bake. Its awesome warm or cold.