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Salmon recipe...Listen up Fat Fasters!

Oh man, you’re gonna thank me for this one. 6oz. salmon fillet without skin. Place on baking sheet. If it still has dark meat attatched, just place it dark meat down. Warm 1/2 tsp Smart Balance butter and 1 tsp Pesto in the micro for a few seconds only (I use Christopher Ranch, you’ll find ready made pesto in the refrigerator section of the supermarket, just ask) Anyway, spread the pesto/butter mixture ontop of the salmon. Put in toaster oven or regular oven. I broiled for 15 min. in my toaster oven. 40g pro, 0 carb, 20g healthy fat.

Of course I had some toasted olive oil/rosemary sourdough bread, and a glass of wine with it. Sorry fat fasters but it was sooooooo gooooood.