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Salmon or Fish Body???

Hi guys!!! this may seem to ba dumb question but here goes… Which should I go out and buy? Salmon Oil or Fish body Oil? I’m asking because they’re selling dirt cheap Salmon Oil over at COSTCO. I’m pretty new to supplementing with Good Fats, so which is better or does it even matter? Anyone try the Salmon Oil from COSTCO, is it any good? Well, thanks to anyone who replies.

Be cautious of dirt cheap fish oil of any sort. Fish oils are largely polyunsaturated and spoil easily. Rancid fish oil tastes the same as good fish oil (nasty, that is), so you really can’t rely on taste as a determinant of freshness. As a general rule, get your fish oil from the source–buy salmon steaks or fillets and eat those. I’m sure they’re are quality manufacturers of fish oil out there, but I’d steer clear of anything that gives you a lot for cheap.

Look for the product that has the most EPA/DHA then buy the one that has the most EPA/DHA per dollar. Those two long chain fatty acids are the primary reason that we take fish oil.

I decided to give the costco stuff a try. So far I haven’t noticed any difference, but it has only been a week. Tuna burps are mild.

Well, i went out and got the Salmon Oil from Costco. It was like 12 bucks canadian, 1000mg/240caps… not exactly dirt cheap, but a deal none the less. Its the Weber-Naturals brand, I’ve seen this brand at many stores here in Toronto. I don’t recall reading anything bad about these guys so I’ll finish up the bottle and see what happens.