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Salmon Oil

Ok I need a rest from flax oil for awhile. I just picked up some salmon oil soft gels. Each soft gel has 1000mg of Norwegian salmon oil. How many grams should I take to get my Omega 3’s? I was thinking 3grams in the morning and then 3grams at night.

John Berardi recommends 6 to 10 grams of EPA and DHA combined, daily. Read the label and do the math.

RF, 1 tablespoon of EFAs per 50 pounds of body weight is a pretty safe bet. That’s what’s recommended for health maintenance. Since salmon oil is substantially higher in Omega 3s than 6s, you’d be pretty safe with that recommendation.

Since 1 tablespoon provides you with roughly 15g of fat, I’d take 15 capsules per 50 pounds of body weight. Unfortunately, that’s the downside to capsules – you’re gonna have to take a lot of 'em.

You might want to consider running some garlic and fresh herbs (basil and oregono are my favorites, but feel free to experiment) through a Cusinart/blender, adding some lemon and flaxseed oil and refrigerating. It goes great over a salad and would reduce the number of capsules you have to take a day.