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salmon oil

I have been trying to be a good boy and eat properly. Yesterday, I went over to vitamin world, since it is 30% off days, and got some salmon oil and fish oil. I hate seafood, by the way. Anyway, I dropped a couple (8) of those geltabs with my lunch, and have been burping up salmon juice ever since. It tastes pretty sick. Does this go away, or is this something that you ‘do’ when you take salmon oil pills. I nearly regurgitated a couple time in front of my boss.

I try to take my flax just before a protein shake. It kinda overwhelms the funk. Dhould work for fish too. (jesus, does anythng taste worse than flax oil – maybe anchovies) Q: What tastes worse than anchovies? Anchovy pussy! I love that one.

Split up the dosage and take them before a meal. Bury them under food in other words. Or take them all before the last meal of the day and you’ll sleep through the fish burps.

Huck – your anchovy joke made my day. I can’t stop laughing.