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Fish oil…fish oil capsules…fish oil…

We should all know the importance and value of fish oil by now. John Berardi has stated that he chooses “salmon oil” over the others. EPA and DHA content are higher. Makes sense to me. Any other good reasons?

I found a brand today (Bluebonnet) that contained “pure salmon oil”. But it seems to me that many of them just go by the “fish oil” description when you read the label. Does anyone know of any other brands out there that contain only salmon oil?

OK. I just found a website with a beavy of info. and what appears to be a darn good product as well ( So until this new Biotest fish oil comes out, I’ll be on the lookout for quality salmon oil with a high epa/dha content.

BodyIQ…I keep hearing about mega-concentrated fish oils, along the lines of 60% (i.e. 600mg EPA/DHA per 1g capsule). Have you seen or are you aware of these?

Tampa-Terry directed me to iHerb for a high-quality liquid fish oil. Unfortunately, they're out of stock (since middle of the month) until at least February 14th. I believe that liquid was along the lines of 30% concentration along with most of the others on the market.


excellent book too…

Just started taking “Carlson” brand Norwegian Salmon Oil. 1000 mg gelcaps. 190/130 EPA/DHA per cap. About $20 per 180 caps.

I pay $8 for 300 caps (30% EPA/DHA) for mine. I don’t think it’s neccessary to get a high concentration because you also get plenty of regular omega-3 with the less concentrated ones.

The Carlson Norwegian Salmon Oil is actually really similar to that found at Ironically, I checked the iHerb website and found that the Health From the Sun product that is highly concentrated is very similar to the Vitamin Shoppe version as well. Essentially each softgel offers 300mg EPA and 200mg DHA. Check it out as it is the last two days to pick up a 300 softgel bottle for around $20. Go to vitaminshoppe and see what you like. Hopefully this’ll be of some help.

BS, that’s BS! (grin) Just kidding, buddy. My logic is this: Say you’re taking the standard 30% concentration to get 3g EPA/DHA. That equals 10g of fish oil (i.e. 10 capsules). Now with the Big Guns (i.e. the 60% concentration), taking 10g of fish oil (i.e. 10 caps), you’re now getting a whopping 6g of EPA/DHA! Now that may seem elementary mathematically, but that’s where I’m coming from.

What’s up Timbo? Well, that’s exactly my point.

With the 60%, you only get 10g of fish oil a day.

For the 30%, I get get 20g of omega-3s per day (besides the 6g of EPA/DHA). I'm basically replacing my two teaspoons of flax oil a day with my fisg oil which is better.


Ah, yes! I see your logic, my friend. Works for me.

I wasn't thinking that the other 700mg of fat were just nearly as beneficial as the 300mg of the active metabolites. I'll stick to my guns and the 30% concentration. Thanks for clearing my thinking, BS (big ol' smile)

:)Plus it’s cheaper unless you can find 300 caps of the 60% for under $16.

if you don’t mind me asking where do you get your at? online? and what specific brand. i’ve been buying ones at safeway in the “health food”

But, but, there is the possibility of less concentrated fish oil bringing more impurities such as mercury. Especially when consumed in large quantities (0.8 grams EPA/DHA seems to be the recommeded supplementation amount here, much less than you are taking).

Sorry, but I think your reasoning is flawed. Unless the manufacturer/processor makes a conscious effort to monitor contaminant levels in the product, then there is no reason why increase in EPA/DHA should go concomitant with a reduction in contaminants. (Indeed, they may be HIGHER with a higher concentration).

I think you just need to choose your make and source with care- Choosing DEEP sea fish, and from areas of low pollution. Problem is this is often not stated- hey, why slate your own product when law says you don’t have to!

BTW, I use Nature’s Best. I presume it’s good quality wrt to contaminant levels, but it says nothing to back that up on the labelling.


Bar-none the best deal I have found still is the Kirkland brand. I forgot who supplies Kirkland, its the same as Sam’s Club ect. 300 pills for $6.99.

Thats 75,000 combined epa/dha per bottle for $6.99. I haven’t found anything cheaper. I don’t have any problem swallowing them either. I can down 32 pills (8 grams epa/dha) in less than 45 seconds.

Kirkland is sold @ Costco too.

32 in 45 seconds? You are “slammin the salmon”!

mdog, I get mine at my local BJ’s Wholesale. The brand is Berkley & Jensen. And LOL, no I don’t buy it online because the shipping would cost half the price of the fish oil.

Of course you could always eat your daily supply of salmon and get much of it from its natural source.