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Salmon Cooking?


What is the best way to cook pacific salmon? I have tried using my foreman grill, but it comes out pretty dry. Can I just boil this stuff?


cast iron cook ware. all you need to know, rub the salmon, salt pepper, garlic, maybe add so lime juice and then cook that sucker on a cast iron gridle and you're good to go. you know it's done if you can gentle stick a fork in the meat and twist, and it flakes easily.


Put the salmon (filleted but with skin on) skinside down on a slightly greased sheet of foil. Salt, top with shredded carrots (and parnips if you have). Make a pouch, but before you close it add a tablespoon or two of white wine and a little more (olive) oil. Close pouch and cook in medium oven 10-15 minutes. Can probably be done on a grill around the edges.


Avoid salmon on the foreman, save george for burgers. i find the juiciest/moist salmon to be prepared in the oven on BAKE; following these parameters for plain salmon:
-cooking sheet lined with tin foil
-salmon, skin side down
-another piece of tin foil over the top (do this in a rather 'airtight' fashion)
-400 degrees F, for about 30 minutes

the salmon will now be cooked indirectly over a longer period of time (like a stew/roast) which will lead to a better cooked fish. Salmon prepared this way will also taste better plain with just a touch of lemon juice, to really allow you to enjoy the fish's actual taste, instead of using extra flavoring to hide poor preparation methods. This is also almost idiot proof, since the indirect method gives you 5 minutes either way of leeway time before you have 'messed up,' my steak preparation on the other hand has less than 30 second windows before disaster strikes most afoul. Graduate from this method then move to the BBQed charcoal grilled salmon, a true master piece.


An addition to my above post
Salmon cooks 1lb per 10minutes, i normally cook about 3lb @ a time (very Beradi of me), hence the 30 minutes. Just clearing things up.


Foil is good, easier to clean up, seals in juices.

In my house, whenever I cook salmon, ants come. Never seen anything like it. They ONLY eat salmon. Not sugar, nothing else. Salmon. I kid you not. Where the heck they get salmon in nature is beyond me.


Possibly explains why ants can carry 10X their own bodywieght!! Another good reason to eat salmon.


This is rich and decadent, but if you are on an extremely low carb diet, it's awesomely awesome.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Sautee chopped yellow pepper and chopped yellow onion until soft and starting to carmellize; cool. Mix 1 cup of Best Foods Mayonnaise with 2 Tbs. lemon or lime juice and garlic salt to taste. Fold in the cooled vegetables. Optional: Fold in 1/2 cup shredded crab or lobster meat or chopped imitation crab or imitation lobster meat.

Spray a large cookie sheet generously with Pam cooking spray. Lay out two large fillets of salmon, skin side down. Optional: Pull out any bones with pliers. Season the flesh side of the salmon (the up side) with salt, and gently massage salt into meat. Top with mayo mixture, spreading mayo mixture evenly over fillets. Bake, uncovered, until medium rare and remove from oven and immediately place onto cool surface.

Lowfat version:

Make Salmon/Foil Packets on the Grill

Cut salmon into serving sized portions. Remove bones with pliers if desired (I just pull em out with my hands, which is helped by having long fingernails). Season the salmon with coarsely ground salt. Tear pieces of foil, around 10" long, one for each piece of salmon. Spray up side of each piece of foil with Pam. Place 1 T. light olive oil in the center of each foil. Place a couple of thin, crosswise slices of lemon or lime atop the oil.

Top that with around 1/3 cup of any kinds of raw, cleaned, sliced vegetables (onion, artichoke hearts, green beans, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, etc..) Top the veggies with Salmon, and top with fresh or dried dill. Fold each serving into packets and place onto hot grill until salmon is done. Really yummy. Can be done with Skinless Chicken Breast Halves too. The veggies and fruit will steam everything in the packets.


Also, you don't want to use grills or techniques that take the oils away during cooking. Baking is great as it keeps the oils with the salmon. And of course as we all know the salmon oils are wonderfully healthy.


Awesome guys and girls! This defiantly helps out! Thanks


Best recipe I've used: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_16409,00.html


My GF has been poaching it lately. She comes up with her own sauces and spice combinations and it is pretty tasty.