Salmon Cakes

I made this up tonight and tried it. It was pretty good, so I thought I’d share.

2 Wild Salmon Fillets
A little plain yougart (maybe 1/4 cup)
2 Eggs
A little wheat germ (maybe 2 Tablespoons)
A little milled flax seed (maybe 4 Tablespoons)
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Red Pepper Flakes

I tore up the salmon into small pieces then added everything else in a bowl. I fried little balls of it in half cannola, half olive oil. They crisp up and stay together well.

I went grocery shopping today to pick up some almond flour to try this w/ some substitutions.

I used a 15oz can of salmon flaked, 1 cup almond flour, and 2 beaten eggs. For seasoning I used a couple liberal shakes of Essence of Emeril because he is the man.

I made 4 decent size cakes and fried them in a light amount of olive oil.

Then I ate half of them w/ some Thai Hot Chili Mayonnaise as a dipping sauce.

I’ll give it two thumbs up and this is going to become a go to meal for me as I don’t have to defrost anything and its pretty easy to cook. Also a change from eating plain salmon fillets and it gets rid of fried food cravings.

Next time, I want to try re-breading the cakes in egg and almond meal then fry it in more oil as they did come out kind of dry.

Thanks for the recipe.