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Salmon Burgers at Costco

Picked up a package at the Costco. Frozen wild Alaskan salmon in little patties, 23g of protien a piece. I just put a couple on the George Forman and it only took 4 min, no need to thaw. Pretty tasty too.

I bought a package of those several months ago but didn’t notice until I got home that it had other additives in it including oil, salt and sugar. That was enough to send me back to fresh salmon.

Trader Joes has great frozen and canned fish. Prices good too. Get the frozen Premium Salmon Patties. They have salmon burgers too with added stuff…not as good.

1 gram of sat fat and no carb grams, I’m guessing the additives are pretty small.

Yes, not bad. I guess I’m spoiled being able to by it frash off the boat. If it wasn’t locally available then the patties would be a good option.