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Salmon and P-F-C Combining


When you decide to go on bulking cycles do you just keep you’re salmon intake to a minimum since there is a lot of fat in it (albeit good fat)? Is it a good idea to chow on 6-8 oz. of salmon and then combine it some veggies and a mound of brown rice? Doesn’t this violate the P-F and P-C meal combining?

If you’re trying to reach a certain number of carbs per day it’s difficult to not take advantage of carb ingestion during every meal including evening meals. Therefore, it would seem difficult to fit salmon in your diet during this time frame. Any opinions?

Salmon is a great food for P+F meals, which I prefer to eat in the evening, after my 10AM workout. For breakfast and post-workout, I stick to P+C meals.

Salmon is perfect for a bulking diet, in my opinion. You’ve read “Massive Eating” and “Massive Eating Reloaded” right?

If you’re ingesting like 400 carbs per day on a bulking cycle, how can you afford to have P+F meals in the evening? I need as many P+C meals as possible to get to this daily goal. I’ve read the articles multiple times but you didn’t answer my question. I know salmon is great for P+F meals, I ate it a lot during my cutting cycle. But it would seem difficult to add it in during bulking cycle because there are so many P+C meals.

Hey there, I read in one of JBs recent articles about how its ok to put some carbs in P/F meals as long as theyre low GI. So to get more fiber and up my carbs a little I usually eat half a can of fat free refried beans and some broccoli with one P/F meal and mixed vegetables at the other one. I feel too full with fat though so I stick to 4 P/C meals usually which are a mix of oats or grape nuts and some kind of fruit. I’m 5’11, 218 and about 12-13% bf right now, not trying to diet or anything, but you can stay relatively lean I think if you just stick to real low GI stuff like beans or veggies in your P/F meals. Thanks and take care.

Why do you need so many carbs? I thought carbs were mostly for peri-workout periods.

How many catbs do you eat in one serving?

I get through 150g in pre and post workout drinks, 100-110g in a wholefood meal 1 hour after training and 70-80g 3.5-4 hours after training. I train in the AM and have a small P+C meal for breakfast before training.

That’s 400g of carbs with plenty of time for at least 2 P+F meals in the evening.

Could you eat Salmon with a PC meal? I guess, but why would you. Between, chicken, tuna, lowfat beef and so on and so forth, I don’t see why you’d want to create problems where there aren’t. A problem that is there for you though is if you take all day to get down 400g carbs. That should be no more than 2 or 3 meals… Unless that’s all you eat in a day (another problem), why is this a problem?