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Salmon and omega-3s

Since the “good” fats in salmon are polyunsaturated (I hope everyone eats the skin, since that’s where most of it is), doesn’t that mean that they will be damaged and go “rancid” when you cook the meat? Is it as valuable as a minimally processed fish oil? What’s the deal?


Very good question.

Anybody? I hope my bumblebee canned pink salmon is good to go. God knows I can barely afford it as it is now. i sure as hell wont be able to keep pushing fish oils or salmon steaks.

Interesting. Let’s bump this to the top to get some better answers.

If you’re that concerned, why don’t you just eat it raw, aka sushi or sashimi? Make sure it’s wild salmon for the best fat

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Let me throw my 2 cents in here. Yes, fish fat will go rancid. Just leave some salmon in the 'fridge a little too long and smell it. And you do need to be careful about cooking it at high temperatures. Slow cooking at low-medium heat is better for almost any fat. (Except maybe coconut oil, but that’s a different thread.)

As for the canned salmon, most of that stuff probably doesn’t have very much omega-3 in it anyway. Someone on these boards described canned salmon as “chum” many months ago. Not all salmon is created equal. The pink salmon in the cans is pretty poor compared to the sockeye or king chinook for omega-3 content.

Plus, you really need fresh salmon. Even with fresh, you have to worry about farm raised versus wild salmon. Many fish farms are feeding their salmon like cattle, using cheap grain based feeds. Guess what! That ruins the fat content of the fish just like it does for cattle. So you should get fresh wild salmon. (And then Dr. Mercola will tell you it has mercury in it. You just can’t win.)

If you really want high quality salmon, go to http://www.davesalbacore.com/ for info on his products. Whole Foods sells it, but a single can is very expensive (relative to Bumblebee, Starkist etc.) It tastes great though.

A 2.2 oz serving of bumblebee canned pink salmon contains 1500 mg of omega-3 fats.

Source: Bumblebee

"A 2.2 oz serving of bumblebee canned pink salmon contains 1500 mg of omega-3 fats.

Source: Bumblebee "

Thank God. I hope that’s correct. I sure as hell don’t have the time nor money to be buying and cooking the “good” fillets from the market.

whole foods is the shit! i love salmon sashimi, but 20 bucks for 8 pices is insane.hope to do some salmon fishing this year

Go to a good fish market and buy sashimi grade salmon by the pound. It’s not rocket science to slice up raw fish into pieces and you certainly don’t have to have a tall hat and a Japanese surname to do it.

I’ve even eaten other raw salmon that wasn’t labeled sashimi grade and I lived to tell about it. Unless it’s soft or smells fishy you should be OK. It’s good to have a little bit of experience judging the freshness of fish though.