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Saliva Testosterone Testing

Has anyone here used the Saliva method of testing T levels? If so where did you obtain your test from? I have searched the net and found many sites that offer the kits, but I dont know who to trust as far as accuracy, so I figured I’d rely on the collective wisdom of the list. I would like to take a test to see what my natural T levels are and then 3 months down the road to test the effectiveness of natural T elevating supplements. Any help / feedback would be appreceiated…

T-mag did an article on this and I think suggested a place to get it done. The search engine at T-mag should bring it up. The title had the word “spit” in it I think.

do a search for an article posted on T-Mag “Home Hormone Testing” labs, phone #s, websites are all given- this should answer your question.

Yeah I read that article. It sends you to an Optimale.net which then sends you to two other links. Dead end. Im looking for specific feedback on individuald that have used the kits and feedback regarding their results. Thanks.

I’ve used the kit from ZRT laboratory www.salivatest.com. They were recommended by my doctor. They seemed just fine.

Thanks Emily i’ll check them out…