Saliva Testing Results

hey guys, i got a saliva test back as I have been feeling really tired and shitty for quite some time.

Estradiol 1.7 (0.80-6.6)
Testosterone 140 (43-150)
DHEAs 23 (6.0-18)

Cortisol morning 12 (2.0-11)
Noon 1.4 (1-7)
PM 0.65 (0.50-3.5)
Bed time (0.30-1.3)

so basicly cortisol starts out too high and then drops rapidly soon after. And DHEAs is really high, what does that mean. are there any problems with that?



Saliva tests are mostly useless for anything but cortisol

You didn’t list any sytmptoms at all, so Im just going to assume your spitwork is perfect.