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Saliva Test vs Blood Test Results

So my doc is a big proponent of salivary testing for testosterone, dhea, estradiol, and DHT.

I’ve been on TRT for over 6 months. 100mg cyp 2 x week. 35 years old.

Here are my salivary results:

            Results          Normal Range

Estradiol (e2) .2 <2.5 pg/ml
DHEA .10 0.09 - 1.60 pg/ml
Testosterone 53 40 - 170 pg/ml
DHT <10 <60

Doc was fine with DHEA. Wanted to bump my DHEA dosage (up to 75 mg) and my test dosage.

After suspecting that my estrogen levels were too high, rather than too low (crappy libido and ED issues), I paid for a labcorp panel that included estradiol (standard; not the sensitive one).

Here are the results:

Testosterone Total 910.6 ng/dl
DHEA-Sulfate 521.3
Estradiol 71.8 (range: 7.6-42.6 pg/mL)

Obviously my estradiol is high on the labcorp test. It shouldn’t matter if the labcorp was sensitive or standard, correct?

I put a phone call into the doctor and will talk to him about addressing the e2. I have been splitting my dosage of 100mg cyp to 2x week IM. I have spoken to him previously on using AI’s and I don’t feel like he’s a fan of them. He likes Indoplex/DIM. I have taken 100mg of DIM a night but not consistently. Also take 45mg a night of Zinc.

Any recommendations in the meantime? Don’t want to necessarily find a new doc - He helped address my hypothyroid symptoms (low energy/cold hands). Currently on armour for my thyroid and my blood levels and well being are good on that.

Thanks for your help and I can provide any additional info if you guys need it.


Your TT looks good. E2 is horrible. We know that guys have problems with half that E2. And doc uses tests that lead him to believe that you feel well. Is he treating your symptoms or treating lab numbers.

Your DHEA is excessive. On 50? try 25. You may be one of the guys with high DHEA–>E2 conversion rates.

That labcorp E2 test is the one that you need and your E2 should be in lower 20’s

So doc sells you DIM, a conflict of interest? You do not need a lot of zinc, that will reduce absorption of copper and perhaps magnesium.

DIM is like taking a knife to a gun fight.

Tell your doc that you need a new game, follow my recommendations and tell doc that he can see for himself by your response.