Saliva Test Results, Low T/High E at 27

Hey guys,

I just got a saliva test done to check my cortisol levels mainly…

Age: 27
Crossfit 5 days a week
Stressful job
No libido, or morning wood
20% bf all lower abs and love handles

I wanted some advice because my doctor puts my symptoms down to having anxiety/depression since I was 14. I’m not depressed any more but I do get anxiety…mainly about not feeling like I used to i.e manly.
I seem to feel better in the middle of a cycle of a test booster containing d-aspartic acid but within days of cycling off I feel like shit again.
Current Supplementation:
creatine 5g a day
fish oil: 6g daily
vitamin D: 10,000iu daily
magnesium: 2000mg daily
bcaas pre-post workout
adrenal support supplement, rhodiola, ginseng, zinc, maca, vit c hydrocortisone
eating between 2300-3000 calories
225protein, 275 carbs, 70fat or there abouts

Here are my results:

DHEA: 36.5nmol/l range 5.0-30.0
Andro: 4.2nmol/l range 1.0-10.7
Test: 126.0pmol/l range 100-720.0
salivary dht: 2.5pg/ml range 2.0-10.0
e2: 9.0pmol/l range 1.0-6.0
e1: 20.0pg/ml range 9.6-20.0
test/dht ratio: 50.4 range 10.0-350.0
andro/e1 ratio: 0.21 range 0.05-1.10

They summarized by saying I had high e2 and low t and suggested topical creams etc to fix. Any advice would be great.
Contemplating asking my doctor for more assistance but she is not very willing to venture down the path I want to take.

Down Under?
TRT is difficult in all of the Common Wealth Countries.

Most of what you can gain here is in what used to be stickies.
Please go to the one sticky in this forum and follow links in second post:

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T creams have the highest conversion to E2. So this may easily be the wrong thing to do, especially if you cant get Rx for Arimidex/anastrozole to control T–>E2

E2 lab range looks wrong. E2=80pmol/L is normally a good target. So I am confused.
Was that serum or saliva.

You may be over training.

Labs I normally like to see: blood testing please!
CBC with hematocrit
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
AM cortisol [at 8AM please]

Also check your oral body temperatures as per the Thyroid Basics Explained linked topic.
Thyroid does control your metabolic rate.

Thanks mate,
These were saliva test results. I’ll try and get my doctor to get me a blood test with the results you listed. Yeah I’m from Australia so they’re a lot more strict on that shit down here.
Cheers again

Are you drinking filtered water? Reverse Osmosis water?

ALT can be elevated from training and sore muscles.

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Nah man, i need to. But am drinking tap water… :frowning: how do other levels look? Thanks for checking it out

Do not drink RO water, you need the minerals. Activated charcoal filtered is good.

Those labs did not cover what I was looking for.